taking the cleaners to the cleaners.

When I clean, I clean.

As a kid when doing my chores I got in trouble for using straight bleach and about knocking out anyone with bleach fumes who wanted to use the bathroom for the rest of the day – but it was clean. Sparkling clean.

Then I got older and moved out and could buy any cleaner I wanted…which ended up not being such a good thing. Little did I know you aren’t supposed to mix pinesol and bleach…or bleach and vinager…well unless you want to die…oops. I won’t do either of those things again!

At work my crew would gripe when they saw me with a scrubby and a spray bottle and say, “she’s at it again.”

But then I got pregnant.

And then I had Noah.

Chemical might as well be a four letter word now.

All of those chemicals smell great and take the first layer off of whatever you are cleaning because they are so strong and previously that was the only way I felt like something was clean but now it is the opposite.

But now after using any of those products instead of smelling crisp mountain springs or lemony goodness  and seeing sparkling surfaces all I see and smell is poison.

Noah is crawling and teething. So that means anything close to Noah goes in his mouth and that means EVERYTHING is close to him and goes in his mouth!

The floor, the table, couch….

So while having a mild mental breakdown on how to get every square inch of my house clean and sanitized I got on pinterest to calm my cleaning induced anxiety attack. We all know pinterest is the perfect distraction, I didn’t realize it would be the answer to my chemical phobia.

I saw a pin linking to a site specializing in homemade, cheap, kid friendly cleaners, I could hear angels singing as the page loaded.

At first I was worried…it is still a cleaner…it still has stuff to kill germs…would it kill Noah if he put his slobbery mouth on it?

Then I read, “you could literally spray this stuff on your child and it would not harm them.”

I did a little more research and they were right.

So I went to my grocery store and picked up the necessities without spending more than 8 dollars to make a gallon of floor cleaner, window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, floor polish and kitchen cleaner.

I am in love.

My favorite cleaner is something I had been searching for forever. We have unfinished wood floors and even though they aren’t super polyurethained to death they work perfectly, they are amazing and original to our 105 year old home. We feel like it would be such a waste to cover them up with some cheaper snap and lock wood floor from home depot. Only problem is they are hard to clean. They absorb anything you put on them including dirt. Then I found the simple homemade cleaner recipe for unfinished floors safe for babies and pets.

Unfinshed floor cleaner and polish

Equal parts: Vinegar and baby oil

15 drops of tea tree, lemon grass or lavender oil.

*If I use the tea tree, I usually go back over it with just the vinegar and baby oil by itself or a quick rise of water just because Noah gets so much floor time in and I am a nut!

That is it.

The vinager cuts through grime, dirt and gunk. The baby oil cuts through stickier gunk and polishes your floor and the essential oil acts as a disinfectant.


Like I sit on the couch and just stare at my floor kind of amazing.

yes this makes me happy.

The only thing that I will say is DO NOT get this on tile – unless you feel like ice skating. Same for finished or  laminate wood flooring the oil wont absorb and you will have a much less fun version of Tom Cruise’s Risky Business slip and slide sequence on your hands.

My other fave would have to be the all purpose cleaner from millardvillemanor’s blog.

All purpose cleaner

1/2 cup Warm Water
1/2 cup Vinegar
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
15 drops Tea Tree Oil

The Tea Tree oil makes this cleaner a germicide, fungicide and anti bacterial. It’s great for wiping down counters, high chairs and any high traffic area in your home and is especially useful during the cold and flu season, I squirt a cloth with it, then go around the house wiping down door knobs and light switches. Just don’t use it on glass because the oil will leave streaks.

I, once a chemical fiend am now a hippie crunchy organic cleaning convert!

If you have kids I highly recommend that you check out these sites!

11 thoughts on “taking the cleaners to the cleaners.

  1. I am in LOVE with your floors! Did you buy your home with them installed or do you know who did them? I’m having a hard time finding hardwood floors that look like them.
    ~ Jess

    • They came with our house, they were in horrible condition under carpet. We didn’t fully sand or refinish them because they have nail heads in the wood from the original install. So we just touched them up where we could and they work for us!

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  3. Hi! I am trying your all purpose cleaner today. Very excited. One question – I thought tea tree oil was harmful if ingested. Any concern on using it on surfaces that baby will touch? I have a 4.5 month old and everything, especially her hands, ends up in her mouth. Let me know! Thanks:)

    • I actually skipped the tea tree oil when using it on baby surfaces. I used it on door knobs and higher surfaces, but now that my first (Noah is two) we skip the tea tree oil all together except when using it in the basement or somewhere our little ones don’t go. We like the idea of spraying it in our basement because it kills mold and mildew and our basement has flooded in the past.
      We use Dr. Bromers castile soap on pretty much everything too. It only takes a few drops and it is a miracle cleaner!! It makes my stainless shine!
      Good call on skipping the tea tree oil! I am going to update this post later on

  4. Hey Blogger, I just wanted to comment on how well written your cleaning review was. It was really funny and I had fun reading it! Also I’m so excited to try the unfinished wood floor cleaner, ya!!!!!!

  5. I was wondering what you used for the unfinished wood floor cleaner/polish. A mop? Or how did you use it to clean? Also, you said equal parts but didn’t mention the size of the parts… Can you help a sister out? :)

  6. I was wondering what you use to actually clean your floors with the unfinished wood floor cleaner/polish… mop? rag? brush? Like what is your technique? Also, how much of the solution do you make? My room is about 15×15… thanks!

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