Pink Lines

The house is quiet, Kevin is off somewhere cleaning, sorting and organizing with fury all with pugs under foot and I am sitting here wondering how to put this very moment into words. I’m pregnant.
I can’t express how amazed, happy, excited, nervous or overjoyed I am or in fact how happy we both are. I think Kevin has even caught a little of my pregnant glow. He most certainly caught the nesting bug and is busy emptying our future nursery.
It was the first try, no hiccups or speed bumps like every page in the “What to Expect Before You Are Expecting” book told me was ahead. I read the book front to back twice. Everything in that book prepares you for what to expect when you don’t get the two pink lines. So Kevin and I made the decision to start trying right away just in case it took a while and with that I was pregnant. I knew instantly, which made waiting 10 days to take the test near impossible…so I didn’t. Two days before I was suppose to be able to “officially” test I tested. I was too excited and had to satisfy the compulsion to check. A very faded little pink line popped up next to a dark thick line. My heart fluttered and we knew. To be sure I took 5 more test followed by the last test that had a very unmistakable reading of not just two pink lines but a big bold YES. That night Kevin went and bought almost every book related to baby’s at target and a sign with the quote that years ago I had said would hang in our baby’s nursery “all because two people fell in love…”. We spent the rest of the night excitedly dreaming of the future, how to tell our friends and family and what was next sitting in what would soon be our baby’s nursery.
I can’t express how happy we both are, we have wanted this for years and now it is all happening. I know that right now I want everything to happen so fast but I hope that these next 9 months go slow because I don’t want to miss anything.
We are choosing to wait a little while to tell everyone, just to be safe and to enjoy this precious time together this blog right now is a way to get all my thoughts, feeling and emotions out and one day will be a way for me to share with our little one just how much mommy and daddy loved them even before they were here and all the mile stones along the way.


One thought on “Pink Lines

  1. You both were so lucky to have been able to conceive this amazing bundle of joy in the first try. Me and my husband have been trying for 20 Months now. No luck. I started your blog, loved it. May you and your Family be blessed with love joy and happiness.

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