Honey Do.

So I have a confession to make. I have decorator/DIY ADD. It is bad. Shiny objects distract me, pottery barn catalogs that arrive inspire me (to start yet another project), seasons come and go with all of their decorating opportunities (that must be seized!), which leaves us with a “honey do” list the size of a phone book.
It really feels like we live in a construction zone sometimes. It is always worth it and our house always feels like home, but with baby on the way things are going to have to change.
Not only will all of our little loose ends have to be tied up but they will have to be baby proof too.
Right now it seems daunting. Blind cords, electrical outlets, fire place, stairs, toilets!….AHH! How will our baby ever come home?!
This rush of maternal panic as induced extreme nesting.
Almost through with my first trimester (aka hibernation) I am feeling more awake and energized than ever and trying to take full advantage of it. Every room in our house is in progress and we are making a list of all the “to do’s” and checking it twice once for done and twice for baby proof.
Maybe for our baby registery we will register at home depot…for a contractor!

Apparently writing this post was too much and called for a nap. A three hour nap. This first trimester isn’t gone yet! Refreshed from our nap I decided to post a little itty bitty tour of our house! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Honey Do.

  1. your house is BEAUTIFUL … and we will help you finish your projects before the baby comes…. and as far as baby proofing things…. you have time…. and we will help with that as well……….. ❤ you

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