Love Life & our poppy seed

Ok so here we are a few days into the most exciting news of our lives not able to tell anyone and we are literally bursting at the seams. I feel like I have the word pregnant written across my forehead. Maybe it is just the incessant hunger, fatigue and peeing every 30 seconds that makes me feel like I am a dead give away.
The fatigue has not gotten any better but I have fully embraced it. Naps are a regular occurrence and everyone in this house hold including our fur baby’s Humphrey and Maggie have jumped on board to help our little bean and Mommy to be sleep. Kevin is fully supportive of this new found love of sleep. I am normally an early bird get up and go girl who then turns into a night owl. I never have been a big fan of sleep, I love life and want to be awake every second I can. The first few days I fought the onslaught of fatigue like the plague. I dragged my self around the house doing things here and there and usually sitting down every 5 minutes dreaming of any sort of caffeinated beverage. It was when I was changing the pillow cases in our bedroom and fell asleep half way through that I realized maybe I shouldn’t fight this new found love of sleep, it seemed like I needed it. I figured my body is working over time making another little person and that probably takes a lot of work so I should give it all the help I can with a nap here and there. The only problem is our little naps have now turned into sleeps. We don’t just nap for an hour we make an occasion out of it and sleep for a good three or four hours…and I am still tired.
Today I feel great, I have the day off the windows open and it is the first day that is actually has felt like fall. Today Kevin and I are trying to come up with ways to tell our parents and close friends the news. We figure we will tell our closest family and friends and then when we are a little further along we will tell the rest of the world that the most perfect baby is on the way!
I made our first baby appointment and it feels like an eternity away. I will be 6 weeks along and our little love with be the size of a pee. Right now they are just the size of a poppy seed, who knew I could love something the size of a poppy seed so much.
Kevin is well into his Daddy to be book and is trying to absorb as much information and knowledge he can about our little one and what is going on with me. While sitting on the couch watching tv, he said “You need a lot of calcium, did you know that? We should buy more milk.” I couldn’t help but laugh and told him I have got my calcium intake down and not to worry. Every day he wants to know what I feel and what is new and gives my belly a kiss, I am pretty sure this little baby and mommy to be have the best daddy out there.


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