Lovely shade of green

We had our first baby appointment today!! I have been so anxious and excited that I haven’t been able to think about anything else. Even though it was only to get blood drawn and meet my baby team I was elated the entire time. When I was getting my blood drawn Kevin was in the room and asked “how is it possible she is still glowing while getting her blood drawn? She is spreading glow everywhere!”
It is so hard to not tell anyone…so that is why we are. Plus I am pretty sure this lovely shade of green I have turned is a dead give away. We are suppose to wait 12 weeks traditionally but we just can’t. Every time I see my mom I want to ask her a million questions or just blurt it out. My best friend drove me to Cincinnati for a work meeting and I almost had to tell her not only because it is about to burst out of me but because it literally almost burst out of me…apparently morning sickness encompasses afternoon, evening and night and emphasizes motion sickness. Kevin’s parents are both about to go out of town and we want to tell them both together.
I have loved having this be our little secret but it is time to let everyone know!


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