What to Expect When Telling the Unsuspecting

Good news travels fast. Very fast! We have told both of our parents and families and a few friends and today at work will make everyone, oh and of course the obligatory face book post J
We told Kevin’s parents over dinner, Kevin and I weren’t sure how to tell them and we made a secret hand squeeze lingo to pick the best time. Three squeezes for “tell them now?” and one for yes and two for no. Kevin squeezed my hand 3 times right when the waitress came with dinner and I squeezed once for no and he squeezed back with one agreeing. We had been talking about cars for sometime with them and they were helping us find one. Kevin’s dad pulled out some pictures of cars and Kevin’s mom said “Oh, look a car seat would just go perfect in the back of this one!” and with that we both started squeezing each others hands. Kevin said, “well, it is funny that you say that…” and his mom’s face lit up and she looked at me and said “your pregnant?!” and I nodded. They were so thrilled! We talked about stories of when she was pregnant with Kevin and his sister Amy. It made me feel a little less crazy for all of the weird symptoms I had been having!
I wanted to surprise my family so we came up with a little plan to share the news. My mom and I share magazines, we buy a couple and trade so we don’t waste the money. We were going over to my parents house to make them dinner and I brought over a huge stack of magazines. In the middle of the magazines I hid all of my pregnancy magazines. The entire family was in the living room and I called my mom in. I asked if she would thumb through the stack of magazines and see if she had any because there were a couple I still had to read. She said ok I have a stack for you too, she grabbed the stack and she started thumbing through the stack I gave her. My dad looked at Kevin and I and asked “is this what I think it is?“ and we both nodded and he gave Kevin a hug. My mom was oblivious to this because she had just turned to “Pregnancy for the new mom” Her mouth dropped and she immediately started crying/screaming. She hugged everyone about 10 times and then kept screaming. I thought she was going to faint! Luckily there was no fainting just happy tears and hugs.
It has been a huge relief to tell everyone, full of love, support and much needed advice. It helps to know it is completely normal to feel this abnormal!


One thought on “What to Expect When Telling the Unsuspecting

  1. I cannot tell you the happiness that exploded in me when I saw that magazine… my baby is having a baby … amazing, wonderful, exciting, its beyond words… I love u ❤

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