Eat. Sleep. Pee.

Too much information maybe. Too much peeing defiantly.
I knew I was pregnant when my behaviors resembled more of a zombie than of a lady, the phrase “must sleep now” I am sure was grunted/demanded more than once. In fact it was after one of my after work naps with Kevin that I woke up and said “I am pretty sure I am sleeping for two,” that we first thought our try for a baby was a success. At that point I had been officially pregnant for about a week but it felt like I had been running a marathon for a straight week. Sleep would be great if it wasn’t for the 6am bright and early wake up call my body throws at me daily or the fact that every 30 minutes I have to stumble my way to the bathroom.
Which brings us to peeing. This action is what defines my life right now. It pretty much goes like this, if I am not peeing I am thinking about peeing. It would be ok if I didn’t have the thirst of someone crossing the sierra desert in the middle of summer. Just a word to the wise – do not drink a 32oz glass of water right before entering the maze we call IKEA. Bad idea. What normally is a leisurely stroll through my heaven on earth turned into a brisk walk/run to the TWO restrooms in the ENITRE store while trying to absorb the IKEA experience as fast as possible. There is a restroom in the middle and one at the end which in turn concluded my trip at IKEA unless we wanted to start the maze all over again . Kevin was thrilled, he said it was the first time he didn’t mind going to IKEA. I, on the other hand ended up with a basket full of random IKEA treasure and a mental must go back for as soon as possible list thinking that was the worst IKEA trip ever! Don’t think just because I was doing the “pee dance” through IKEA that I didn’t buy anything, that would be absurd. After our hike through IKEA I was tired and hungry and defiantly not for IKEA’s cafeteria style Swedish meatballs, in fact the smell of them was another incentive to leave as soon as we did.
That brings us to lunch. Kevin and I are foodies. We love the food network, we love to cook and we LOVE to eat. So when we saw a Cincinnati diner on the food network featured for Kevin’s favorite (when I mean favorite I mean he could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner) food Cincinnati style chili spaghetti we knew we had to go. The entire way there all I could think about was cheese, noodles, chili, and when we got there all I could eat was a bite of cheese, noodles and chili. My mind and stomach have had some sort of miscommunication lately when my brain and stomach tell me EAT RIGHT NOW AND DON’T STOP it really means have a saltine cracker…maybe only half. This has been the story of my first trimester. I can eat a couple of bites and then I am full. I make sure the baby is getting what it needs and making sure those couple of bites are only the best for our growing baby and I drink almost a half gallon of milk a day but there is defiantly no eating for two here.
So here I and the little one go ready to start another day full of our three favorite activates and the life that happens in between.


3 thoughts on “Eat. Sleep. Pee.

  1. Love the blog… Sorry to hear about the IKEA adventure. I am sure that baby is taking all the nutrients he or she needs and leaving you with nothing!!! Add some protein to that half cracker, okay? You brought back lots of pregnancy memories for me – I bet that Baby Teall is comfortably laying on your bladder. 🙂 We HAVE to go shopping together once you don’t have to find a bathroom every 5 minutes, ok???? I love IKEA just like you do, seriously!! Love you!

  2. ahh the naps will lessen as you go into the second trimester but the need to pee only gets worse …. you will always know where the bathrooms are where ever you go …. ❤

  3. I am so happy for you and Kevin. True love is often hard to find and it’s awesome that the two of you have. I was looking at the pictures of your house with one of my good friends on Sunday. She is into interior decorating and has houses in the past for Homearama….she loved the pics.

    Thanks for sharing and give my nephew a big kiss for me!

    Aunt Bonnie

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