Boring never souded so sweet.

I have had the rare opportunity which has been worth all the worry to see our little one more than the average mommy to be.

Sometimes it is hard to believe there is a little someone growing beneath my growing waist band. I still can’t feel them (besides the little one staking out my the top of my bladder as it’s hang out) and even though I know that they are there, there is nothing like the experience of seeing our baby.

We have had four ultrasounds so far, each one more amazing than the next. Unfortunately many of these ultrasounds worry and fear have over come the initial excitement but fortunately for us all the worry was over nothing.

Last week I had the chance to come in after hours and be apart of a local conference and bring my mom along for the ultrasound. It was a conference held at a local hospital and they asked if I would model my baby for the conference. Of course I said yes, even before they told me the perks of being apart of their event. Kevin and I will receive a free anatomy scan mid pregnancy as well as a 30 minute long 3D ultrasound between 28-32 weeks. Getting to see baby 3D…yes please! My mom got to sneak behind the scenes in the auditorium full of doctors and professors and get her own special showing of the baby. The doctor was so kind, she has been involved with a couple of our ultrasounds now and remembers all of the baby’s little quirks and motions. She was just as worked up about it as my mom!

Each ultrasound starts the same with a warning of the warm goop they are about to coat my belly in, which in a cold hospital left me with no complaints! They find the crown of the head and work there way around our little one stopping to take measurements and pictures throughout. We have been so blessed to have such amazing ultrasound techs helping us, it is like they can read my mind they have explained every measurement and picture and letting me know if anything looks abnormal.

Every time our little one pops up on the screen my heart races and Kevin and I scan for all of the millions of changes that have taken place since the last time we saw our little one. We have gone from seeing our little one grow from something that could only resemble a kidney bean to a baby fully equipped with little hands and feet kicking and waving throughout the test.

I fall more in love with our baby every time I see them.

At our latest ultrasound Kevin and I saw the baby clearer than ever. We could count it’s fingers and see it suck on it’s thumb and cover it’s face when it had enough of them scanning it’s head. Kevin sat next to me for the hour long scan and all the worry I felt washed away when he took my hand and our little one popped on screen.

We were mesmerized. After the scan was over and the doctors went to gather their results we sat amazed at the dozens of pictures they gave us. We each picked out our favorites, mine of the baby sucking their thumb and his of their tiny foot pressed right up against the camera to him proving we have a future soccer player in my womb (my ribs are grimacing at the thought!).

I barely could remember why we were there when the nurse and doctor came back in the room. They showed me the odds of issues before the scan and then after. The odds before were good but with certain markers they had reason to worry. After this scan they officially told me I would most likely get what I asked for, a completely normal boring pregnancy because baby looks 100% ok. Not only that but they had a very early guess on whether we were expecting a he or she! (We will tell when it is more official! )

It is still amazing to me to look over at Kevin during the ultrasound and see my best friend the boy I grew up with and fell in love with over and over again over these past 10 years and know we have created something so amazing. I couldn’t wish for anything better.

Just finished sucking their thumb!

It's little foot pressed up against the monitor.

It is a little grainy but this is of our little one sucking their thumb 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boring never souded so sweet.

  1. This moment in my life was priceless! I am so excited that there simply are no words to express it … I cannot wait to meet this baby Teall but also want to take every moment in between now and then to cherish you and Kevin.. as this little life grows… I remember all that you are feeling as once long ago it was me having the ultra sound and it was you in my belly…. now watching my peanut, with her little peanut… again there are no words… I love you !!!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes looking at the pictures – oh my, how sweet that Baby Teall has already found a thumb…and what a cute little soccer foot… How wonderful it is to be able to share the process of you and Kevin becoming parents. I keep wanting to say – just wait, just wait it keeps getting better! But you already know that- and can see that miracles are happening every moment.

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