Pug love.

So Kevin and I are expecting our first human child. Problem is we already have two perma-babies Humphrey and Maggie our pugs. Our pugs are not normal dogs, in fact it would be a stretch to call them dogs at all.
Kevin and I are prepared to get all “dog whisper” on our little fur babies. We have started setting new limits, teaching new commands and breaking habits that probably would fair too well with a baby in the house.
Some people have had the audacity to ask us if we are going to get rid of our dogs. My answer to them, yes and then we will get rid of our first born when the second baby is born….NO! Have you seen the blog name… lovelife&PUGS? Have you ever seen Kevin and I not proudly (ok not proudly there just aren’t enough lint rollers in the world) wearing something with out pug fur lovingly on it? These dogs are our little loves and there is more than enough love to go around for baby, hubby and pugs.
Granted our pugs are spoiled. They want coddled and talked to. They must sleep with pillows and blankets preferably on our tempurpedic bed in order to sleep. They fly into our arms when we get home, literally. Humphrey will hit you dead in the chest if you come home, hug someone or are just standing with in his leaping range. They shiver if it is below 70 degrees and pant like they are dying if it is above 72 degrees. They like to read with us, meaning they like to walk over and sit in the middle of our magazines or books until we put them down and pet them. They cry when we eat French fries because French fries are their favorite food, specifically McDonalds ( which I may or may not give to them when Kevin isn‘t looking). To sum it all up if they aren’t the center of attention then prepare for serious pug guilt.
When our baby comes we think it is either going to think it is a pug or more likely than not our pugs are going to identify with the baby and it will further convince them that they are in fact babies not dogs. I am betting that they may protest for equal baby rights. Especially when they see that the baby doesn’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom, even when there isn’t snow on the ground. And when they figure out that the baby has it’s own toys, a lot of toys and it doesn’t have to share.
So when we introduce our little one to our furry little ones hopefully they love each other as much as we love all three of them!


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