Before I was pregnant I was nesting. In fact before we even moved in to our nest I started pre-nesting. While house hunting I knew we had to walk into our future home and see a room the both made us think baby for it to be the nest. I am a nester at heart. When I was a kid we made cardboard forts in my back yard out of factory cardboard, they were at least 5 foot by 5 foot and all of our friends thought they were amazing while they lasted. I was nearly devastated when I realized it was only a studio layout with no master suite, nonetheless I painted the out side of it and decorated the inside top to bottom. So it is killing me to not be able to paint our future nursery or tackle home projects on my time off.
Every place Kevin and I have ever lived I have not been able to rest until it is home. In light of my pregnant nesting craziness I have had to settle my project urge with scrubbing floors, organizing and purging old unused items and other boring home projects that don’t involve deadly chemicals, fumes or heavy lifting ie: all of the fun projects like painting and tiling (I am not joking, I love that stuff). But now my nesting has a perfect outlet, Christmas.
Our tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung, our halls are decked and there are even homemade Christmas cookies on the table and I am not done. I have decided that Thanksgiving and Christmas should be morphed into one long holiday…in fact November through the end of December should just be deemed holiday, throw in Halloween too. I am a holiday kind of girl.
I will continue to tackle all of the home projects that HGTV would never make into a television series but to the tune of White Christmas and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. So while Kevin is grouting the kitchen tile and painting the trim I will be singing carols and tying mistletoe to anything that doesn’t move fast enough.

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One thought on “Nesting

  1. I cannot count how many bedspreads and room designs you went through growing up! From the pinks and purples, floral and jungle, the shabby chic and oh yes the burgundy walls.. every time it ended up looking like it was a photograph out of a magazine… you truly have always been a nester … I cannot wait to see the nursery when it is done… it, like the rest of your beautiful home will be amazing!!!

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