Meeting Noah.

For my 14th birthday I received the book “The Notebook”. I had never read a book for the heck of it, but what 14-year-old does? The book sat on my dresser for the rest of the school year and part of summer vacation because I was too busy focusing on, boys. Well one boy. Kevin had just asked me out and I couldn’t wrap my brain around reading a book when I could be watching him play baseball or doodling Mrs. Teall on my notebooks. Soon the wistful fast paced summer days gave way to the long dog days of summer and I needed something to fill my time so I picked up the book.
To this day it is my favorite book, it is a classic testimony to true love and makes a heartfelt plea for soul mates. I read the book 3 times that summer (and cried every time). After reading the notebook I described each page to Kevin over that summer spent between baseball games and lazy days spent anticipating our tomorrows laying on my trampoline. After an afternoon of him so kindly listening about the book I told Kevin I loved the name Noah and he then said it would be a good name for our son one day and that day I fell in love with Noah.
Of course we were just day dreamers, young and very much in puppy love but the name stuck from that point on. As years went by we referred to our first little one as Noah. Whenever Target’s precariously placed baby section would give me a rush of baby fever with adorable baby outfits or mini footballs, I would hold it up and say “for baby Noah!”. When we fell in love with our house we picked out his room and made sure the back yard was big enough to play catch in. The real kicker was the park right behind our house where we pictured Noah someday swinging, playing and building sand castles and much later on joining his dad on the basket ball court. We needed a place where our future knock of the old block could play ball, after all his dad’s first word wasn’t mom or dad, it was ball.
Of course we would have been happy had our little Noah actually been a baby girl but we wanted our baby girl to have a big brother and as Kevin put it when the ultrasound tech asked him which he wanted he very frankly stated, “I am much more mentally prepared for a boy” she laughed and said that was very honest. After seeing confirmation that our little guy was in fact a little guy while crying I said “at least I won’t have to carry my husband out of here!”
Noah needed a first name and it wasn’t a hard choice but his middle name was even easier. Kevin’s middle name is Christopher and as a little kid he would refer to himself as Kevin Christopher Robin Teall from Whinnie the Pooh and when I was little I dreamed of marrying Christopher Robin and living in the hundred acre woods. So Noah’s middle name is a little tale that mom and dad can laugh at when we have to use the dreaded first middle and last name on little Noah.
So more than 10 years after reading the book and falling in love with our future Noah we finally are on our way to meeting him.
In the end of The Notebook, Allie asks Noah if he believes their love can perform miracles and he says “I do”. Here is proof that our love can perform miracles..


4 thoughts on “Meeting Noah.

  1. ahhhh…. what a sweet blog… glad Kevin didn’t have to be carried out, too!!! AND I am looking forward to the day that Noah “Christopher Robin” Teall says “ball” and can play in the backyard…

  2. with a tear in my eyes I must say… it has been so amazing to watch the two of you grow-up in love… I remember that summer well … and dreams of what was to come. You loving the name Noah and practicing it out … Noah Teall… just as you did your own … the countless times you two laid on the trampoline … thinking of this very moment… I am so in love with Noah Christoper ( Robin) Teall as well as his Mommy and Daddy. =)

  3. I must add…with tears in my eyes as well that I loved your recent update “Meeting Noah”. Dominique you have a way with words that reflects the love that you feel for your family. I am so happy for all of you and can’t wait until we read an update on Love, Life & Pugs after you hold your baby for the 1st time!!!

    Well Mrs. Teall (a last name I haven’t used in many I love to read and have never read The Notebook but I will be sure to now. I loved the movie but I’m sure it wasn’t the same. You definitely have a way with words, ever think of writing a book?

    We look forward to meeting Noah Christopher (Robin) Teall in 2011.

    Happy Holidays!

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