Snow Shower.

Kevin and I don’t get nearly enough time to spend time with our families, especially his. Between our work schedules, their work schedules, his sister away at college getting good quality time is near impossible on a regular basis. It makes us that much more thankful for holiday’s when everyone for a short time has some down time.
Kevin and I got to spend last weekend with his family and it was a night I know not only I but he will treasure forever. Simply put it was amazing family time. Above everything we got to see Amy, his sister and meet Sam and their dog Trevor (which by the end of the night Kevin wanted to steal)…we are big dog people so meeting people’s dogs is a big deal to us.
Kevin and Amy hadn’t seen each other in ages and it was all he talked about the week leading up to seeing her. One of the best gifts for me was seeing them together again and even after so long apart seeing that they are still one and the same. I now know where Kevin gets his urge to pop my knuckles (a big no, no to me) he and Amy do it like second nature to not only their own poor fingers but anyone loved ones close enough to them to crack and pop. And we all laughed when we noticed that it must be in Kevin and Amy’s blood to sit…well more like perch in chairs like gargoyles rather than sit when at dinner they both were perched at their chairs.
Meeting Sam was wonderful, after hearing so much about her and wanting to meet her for so long it was great to finally meet the girl that everyone was head over heals in love with (and now we are too!). Not only is she the perfect fit for Amy but she is over all just plain easy to love. She is one of those people that you can spend an evening with and feel like you have known them forever.
Since it was our Christmas celebration we exchanged gifts of course. What we weren’t prepared for was our first “unofficial” baby shower. His family collected things for little Noah after finding out he was a boy. And collect they did. His mom coined it our “snow shower” since it was sort of like Christmas and a baby shower mixed into one. I am pretty sure it should have been called a “snow avalanche”. From clothes and pajamas for the ever growing mommy to the cutest baby clothes a baby could wear. His mom gathered Kevin’s favorite baby books and made a card from a picture of a Kevin from when he was little reading “So Noah can love books too”. They gathered Kevin’s baby clothes, pictures and videos, and all of his favorite things growing up. The night ended up being more like an episode of “Kevin, this is your life”.
Like that wasn’t enough his family went way above and beyond. Our hot water heater broke a while ago and we have been without hot water doing all of our laundry and yes of course showering at my parents house who live a few streets away. We have set it up to be fixed several times but for one reason or another it fell through. It got to the point where I am pretty sure we were set on living in a house with out hot water, needless to say our broken hot water heater broke us. We are great at small projects but when the water heater broke, our roof started leaking, our electrical freaked out in 3 different outlets and our basement flooded again our spirits sort of broke too. We tried to not let it keep us up at night but it weighed on us constantly and we decided to worry about it after the holiday’s since it was taking such a huge toll on us. Well they took care of it. They gave us the gift of a new water heater.
I can’t explain what it is like to have people in our lives that care that much about us to help us out that much. We wouldn’t be where we are without them, whenever the going has ever gotten too tough they have stepped in and been our guardian angels. I just hope that one day we will be able to do that for Noah and his brothers or sisters. More importantly I hope they know just how humbled and thankful we are for them too.
That night if you took away all of the gifts that night alone was a big enough gift for us. The fact that Noah will have Kevin’s mom, dad and Amy and Sam to love and care for him is a priceless gift. Noah, Kevin and I are all so lucky to be Teall’s and to be a part of such a loving wonderful family.


2 thoughts on “Snow Shower.

  1. We had such a magical time together, didn’t we? The night meant so much to us, too. It was sooooo nice to spend time together reminiscing and laughing. Truly a great Christmas gift to have all of you here.

    I just want you all to know how much you are loved.
    The “snow shower” was just an expression of a small part of that. 🙂

    And you surprised me, too – do you know how special the “Grandma & Me” Prescious Moment is to me??? I almost broke my hip trying to stand up and hug you both!

    Merry Christmas!
    I hope your holiday continues to be magical and memorable.
    Love you…
    Mom (AKA Grandma Teall)

  2. Christmas, families and babies… it all is magic.. I loved reading this and know its just the beginning of magical nights and “snow” showers to come… Merry Christmas to all the Tealls

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