Whoa, belly!

Every day I have a pretty set routine. Wake up for my “pre alarm” (I set my alarm an hour before I actually have to be up so I can fake sleep in for an hour) then I reset my alarm wake up again and snooze for 15 minutes. This last little snooze gives me the “oh crap I am late” get up and go I need to be able to cloth and ready myself for the day. Everything fits into a very specific time slot, hair, make up, finding odds and ends for work and shoving them in to what Kevin has named the bottomless pit (my purse), getting dressed and then saying goodbye to hubby and pugs (add in a minute of seriously contemplating forgoing all adult responsibility and joining the pug life of sleep all day everyday) then out the door and off to work I go.
Except there is one problem, one growing problem. I had already worn my one maternity shirt that is work appropriate for the week yesterday. So this morning I went to throw on a sweater and well it didn’t go over my belly. Then I grabbed another and another until I found an out fit that I could work into submission, it was that or I was going to be wear Kevin’s shirt that I steal from time to time (ok…all of the time, even if he is wearing it). I had a mild panic attack at the thought of having to go to a work meeting today in a football shirt but luckily cardigans are very pregnancy friendly.
Even though Noah has made him self quite a home and bump to go along with it I haven’t had to wear maternity clothes up until apparently now. I belong to a couple of mommy to be websites that send updates and tips every week and what to expect…I guess I should have given their advice about my weight a little more weight. They all explained that I should be ready for my belly button to pop (which hasn’t happened yet) and my pants too. That little Noah was going to double in size this week. I am not bigger anywhere else so I didn’t really notice. My wedding rings still fit perfectly, my jeans still zip and none of my clothes have really put up a fight with the bump until now.
So this week I will head off to purchase some maternity staples to cover my bump so I don’t have to show up at work in one of Kevin’s Bengals shirts and a pair of sweats (although I think I would be much more productive!). I am just happy that my day is over and my husband’s shirt and sweats are totally in the dress code for dinner in the Teall house tonight.


One thought on “Whoa, belly!

  1. I am sure that you would look just adorable in one of Kevin’s Bengals shirts and a pair of sweats – and I bet you look adorable in the maternity clothes, too. LOVE YOU!

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