Clean Streak.

I tend to freak out over holiday’s. I deck the all the halls in our house, buy thirty pound turkeys, put my tree up two weeks before I even start to thaw the thirty pound beast and usually bake my first batch of Christmas cookies when the leaves start to change. Maybe that is why every single year the weekend after Christmas I gather every ornament, every light, every strand of tinsel, and unhang our stocking with haste (and care). The weekend after Christmas you would never know that one weekend before it looked like an elf threw up happiness, jolly, and Yule tide cheer all of over our house. Taking it all down is like a cleansing from all of the chaos my mind and body have been through during the holiday season.
I imagine that holiday shopping and preparation is a lot like child birth our brains have an uncanny way of forgetting the incredible amount of stress and pain we go through because in the end it is all worth it. (Note: I will look back at this some time in May and probably want to smack myself for even comparing child birth to shopping) The malls, the lines, the stress, the hunt for the perfect gift, the crowds, the traffic which is usually accompanied by weather that makes shopping trips more like dangerous treks through a frozen tundra all are made worth while when that special someone opens that special something you found for them. In that second you forget you went to 14 stores, searched online and practically sold your soul to find that gift, seeing them open that gift makes everything else seem trivial.
This year between baby appointments, work and family visits we had zero time to shop. In fact on Christmas eve, eve I was shopping at 12:30 in the morning. Don’t get me wrong there are perks to being pregnant in the dead of winter (ie the extra belly insulation) but dealing with holiday stress layered with pregnant emotion and fatigue isn’t a good combo. I may have looked big and jolly but I wasn’t always feeling so jolly just big. So this year after all the wrapping paper hit the floor I was ready to purge the holly and mistletoe and go back to my pre holiday life.
Every year I get a couple month head start on my spring cleaning. I think it started with the first year we had a real tree and the forty seven million pine needles I had to retrieve from every nook and cranny in our house (we found pine needles for months after the tree was long gone). It inspired some sort of O.C.D. cleaning spree that has now become tradition (even with our fake tree).
This year combine that with nesting and it is a little crazy. We have our storage containers ready…that is if you are lucky enough to be considered storage (there is a major donate or trash move going on in the Teall house). This just goes hand in hand with one of our new years resolutions this year to calm, declutter and organize our lives (more on that later).
So here I go, uncaffinated, unable to bend over and with the energy of a zombie ready to tackle our house room by room. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Clean Streak.

  1. I’m with you on preparing for the holidays. We’re usually out of town with family on Thanksgiving, so the tree’s always up before. I envy, though, your ability to take it all down quickly. Our tree is still up because I cen’t find suitable ornament storage boxes! Sigh.

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