Pug love.

Reason number 241 why I love being a pug owner.

Humphrey has had a very difficult time sharing his normal sleeping nook with Noah…my belly. Ever since Humphrey was a puppy he has slept curled up next to my belly. Some nights as Humphrey violently kicks and circles the comforter and sheets next to my belly and sits with a defeated sigh looking at me I swear he is thinking “Mom, lay off the food!”.
One night in a desperate attempt to belly cuddle he tried his sleep routine out with Kevin. It didn’t go over so well and Humphrey ended up more like a pug burrito in the comforter and hanging off the edge of the bed (Kevin tosses and turns a little bit). So far we have managed to make it work. I can usually calm him down enough so he feels comfortable enough to fall asleep.
Well the other morning my crafty little pug found his new sleeping spot.
I too have become a bit of a toss and turner and this morning I found my back to be the most comfortable. After taking a sigh of relief that I managed to turn in my bed (my tempurpedic/non-pregnancy friendly bed that swallows my entire pregnant body into a foamy prison) I quickly fell back to sleep thankful it was our day off and there was no shrieking alarm in the near future. Sometime later I woke up to find Humphrey in his new spot.
Humphrey was draped over my belly like a rainbow. Head and front paws on one side tail and back legs on the other. I laughed bouncing him inadvertently and he peaked one eye open at me and wagged his tail in pleasure of his new found spot.
I let Humphrey hang out and get some tummy time in before I headed down stairs to make breakfast and start Kevin’s coffee. After all he needs to enjoy this time now before we can feel Noah’s kicks through my belly and Noah starts kicking him (literally) out of that spot.


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