Chip off the old block.

There are lots of things I want to tell you about, but mostly there is someone you will come to know very well (and I know you already love) who I want to tell you about. Your dad (he is the one that you get all excited about when you hear him talk when we lay down at night).
I am very lucky to get to spend all of this one on one time with you, feeling you move and feeling you grow and sometimes I feel like you dad is missing out on the most exciting experience of our lives so far…you.
He loves you so much. He talks to you every night and I can’t keep his hands off my belly now that you are moving around. He can’t wait to meet you, hold you, kiss you and love you. He is going to be (and already is) an amazing dad.
I remember the first time he saw you come up on the ultrasound and how he squeezed my hand and I looked at him and he said I love you…both.
He wants to teach you so many things. He wants to teach you how to throw a ball (don’t worry I’ll remind him you have to learn to walk first). He wants to take you to football games. He wants your first word to be daddy.
I fell in love with your dad because of his heart, something I know he will pass on to you. He has the kindest soul, is honest, hard working and passionate. He gives an expects nothing in return. He loves unconditionally. He is brave and incredibly strong. He always makes time to laugh and to love.
So many of your best childhood memories are going to be with your dad, he is after all just a big kid.
I hope you have his heart, his eyes and his laugh. I hope you inherit his athletic ability and not my non-existent athletic talent. I hope that you know that no matter what happens he will have your back. Your dad will always be your best friend…even when it isn’t cool to be best friends with dad.
Your dad will give you the advice you need and help you through things I can’t.
He loved you before you were even made and now that you are on your way that love grows stronger and stronger every day.
I am not nervous at all about being a mom, because I have your dad right by my side.
Not many kids are as lucky to be a chip off such an amazing block.
I just wanted to let you know how loved you were and you are so right to be so excited when you hear him…he is even better in person, trust me.
Come spring you will get to meet him and from the way it feels when you hear his voice you might be just as excited to meet him as he is to meet you.
Noah, we are both so lucky to have your dad in our lives. I already know that and can’t wait till you can see that too.


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