Excuse you.

I think when you become pregnant you automatically are signed up to the unsolicited advice list from every human you come in contact with. Some is actually worthwhile, while other times it borders on offensive/creepy. People seem to always feel inclined to either offer advice or make a comment about my pregnancy.
Sorry if you think my bump is too big, too small, that I am having a girl not a boy or that I shouldn’t be (insert one or all of the following: standing, sitting, laying down, thinking, breathing, or blinking the way I am)….if you are not my doctor I do not care. Mothers to be are filled with enough anxiety (read What to Expect Before You Are Expecting…it will do it). I already don’t eat deli meat (just google listeria it will scare you too) haven’t had a drop of caffeine or alcohol since we even thought of trying to start a family, I have taken prenatal vitamins for almost a year now so little Noah would have the best home while he stayed with me, I don’t lift heavy things, I got my flu shot, I have developed a strange ability to distress almost instantly in any situation because I don’t want my stress to effect Noah and I drink enough water daily to fill what fills like a swimming pool and keep me and the bathroom quiet friendly….seriously people the list could go on and on. If there is something to worry about when pregnant trust me, this lady knows.
It isn’t just the odd opinions and advice people share with me. They seem to want to know every detail of my pregnancy. From stretch marks to how Kevin will feel about me after I have the baby…is there an abbreviation for T.M.I. the other way? Like I.T.M.I. (inquiring too much information). At first it wasn’t so bad. Just the normal pregnancy questions, when are you due, boy or girl, is this your first? But the bigger I get the more personal the questions seems to get. Sorry if I don’t just want to share my birth plan with you ______ (insert: customer, cashier at the grocery store, coworker, stranger, etc.) I just don’t feel like talking about my lady parts with you.
I know that people usually mean well…but at the same time meaning well paired with a lack of common sense or boundaries isn’t a good thing. Chances are if you aren’t my lady doctor we wont be discussing my lady business.
I am a private person, I do try to come out of my shell from time to time but talking to me about lactating in front of a crowd probably not a good way to start a conversation with me (that is if you ever want to have another conversation with me again).
It is hard getting use to a rapidly growing belly. I look different, feel different, think different. I am not saying I mind my ever-growing waste band…I am not that girl (I actually adore my belly). What I am saying is that when people tell me what I should look like or what I should be doing it gets a little old.
I am happy. My baby is happy. We are both healthy, thriving and right where we need to be. That is all that matters.
So thank you for telling me how many times a day to apply lotion to my body (and where) but no thanks. There isn’t any number of stretch marks that could make me feel bad about being pregnant. There isn’t a magic number on the scale that would make me feel like I gained just a little too much weight. I just want to celebrate being pregnant and being happy and enjoying every single second of this pregnancy so don’t try to rain on this pregnant parade…because if you’re a negative nelly chances are I am not listening (that or I am just mentally thinking about how I’ll include your poor taste in my next blog).

PS- If there are any other fed up prego women out there swing by this link, a funny spin on what to say to those who shouldn’t say.


2 thoughts on “Excuse you.

  1. LOL!!!! Good for you for getting this off your chest!!!! Honestly, people can be ridiculous. I soooo remember feeling like this when I was pregnant – and can still remember the comments that scared me – and that was before the internet. Yikes!

    Continue to enjoy your pregnancy, Domi! And maybe we can make a card that explains ITMI that you can hand out to those who have no clue about what is appropriate to say, do, or ask!

    I hate to say this, but you will still want to declare some topics off limits when you are out with Noah as a new baby and beyond. Ugh. I hate that people think they can need ask you anything and give you advice.

    Of course, I still want to ask you anything and give you advice – LOL. Seriously, I actually do agree – you are happy, baby is happy and that is what matters!!!!!!!!

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