Blinded by love.

Have you ever found such a bargain that your brain forgoes all rational thinking and you act upon your shopper survival instincts (which tend to have a prescription of rose colored glasses)? Yeah, that’s me. Which brings us to the story of the set of kitchen blinds that were 9 inches too small for our windows.
I found them at one of my all time favorite stores, The Christmas Tree Store. Don’t let the name fool you, I did. For about a year I drove past the oddly decorated building which looked like it had been plucked straight from the North Pole which in July is a little off putting. I figured it was a store that was geared toward Christmas fanatics year round. Don’t get me wrong Christmas and I have a very special (semi-fanatical) relationship but I reserve my holiday mania from the first leaf falling to the New Years ball dropping. It never occurred to me to go in the store until I received a flyer in the mail.
The Christmas Tree Store is much like an outlet store (talk about the way to my heart). They have everything you could imagine from all the stores I love, including blinds. I had been on the hunt for a pair of natural bamboo stick blinds for our kitchen which happens to have custom 105 year old windows, which don‘t play nice with today‘s common blind measurements. That basically translates into…$$$. Well shopping there one afternoon a couple of months ago I stumbled upon exactly what my heart had desired. They were originally priced at $80 a piece and were on sale for $5.99. I grabbed them and dashed to the check out…not thinking (or letting myself think) that they were not going to fit no matter how much my heart willed them too.
I got home and rushed to the kitchen with the blinds still in there boxes and held the box up to one of the windows, and that should have been that. I should have returned them to the store after seeing they were almost a foot too short for the window. That is what I should have done…but this is what I did.
The next day I went back and got the last set they had. I raced home and retrieved my gardening tools and a measuring tape and had at it. Yeah…$18 dollars is a great steal for blinds, not for a pile of bamboo sticks on my living room floor. I had to make this work. Kevin came home admits my venture to see me and our living room covered in sticks, dust and blind string. There are few things men want to walk in on there wives doing…crazy home projects (while holding 2 foot long garden shears) is one of them. He offered to help and when I said no, he took a big sigh of relief and told me it was probably for the best that I didn’t because he had no idea what I was doing and told me not to get hurt.
Cutting a million little sticks in a straight line in exactly 9.2 inch strips is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but I did it. I felt victorious. I grabbed my drill and a couple of brackets and screws and mounted blinds together and hung them…and was left with this unsightly result.

To say the least not the look I was going for. We tried to cover the gap with curtains, pulling them up, down, gluing them and nothing seemed to work. Then one day I had a design epiphany.

I picked up some ribbon, preformed blind reconstructive surgery with some hot glue and scissors and was left with a result that I am proud of (ok, in love with)…

So..add 1.50$ worth of ribbon to my $18 dollar total (and a little bit of labor) and I still think I got quite the steal!


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