Feeling Blue.

Generally we feel pretty confident in our ability to decide on a paint color. But something about choosing the perfect shade of blue color for Noah’s nursery made us extra nervous. I mean what if we choose the wrong color and we end up messing Noah up right from the get go?

Kevin and I pulled out my trusty Martha Stewart paint swatches (aka: the paint bible) and held them up to the curtains and made our clear-cut choice, or so we thought. The one down fall to Martha’s paint book is all of the colors are so small and close together it makes it a little hard to single out River Mist when it is next to Hosta and Ice Rink…they all sort of blend into one confusing shade of blue.

So armed with our slightly befuddled paint picking confidence we stopped by our local Home Depot to pick up larger paint swatches hoping one would scream “Pick me! Pick me! I am the perfect nursery color! I will sooth your baby to sleep, welcome him in the morning and stimulate brain activity giving him that extra edge in life!”. Unfortunately we didn’t see one with that name..so we grabbed a slew of blues and crossed our fingers that one of them was the one.

We brought them home hung the curtains and taped them all to the wall to find that we had just created a much bigger confusing paint dilemma. After a long tedious bought of bantering back and forth over each swatch in a paint induced paralysis we settled on the one that seemed to match the curtains best and went to fill up a gallon.
When we got home Kevin painted a section on the wall while I cooked dinner and we agreed to look at after we ate. When we went upstairs to see the big paint reveal it went something like..“I love it! Well, I think I like it… no I don’t, I hate it…what were we thinking…who made this paint color?”
So back to square one or swatch one I should say. Today we awoke to yet another lovely snow storm (which makes doing anything productive extremely hard… snow is like a blanket of discouragement) Since we weren’t feeling the snow it seemed like the perfect day to tackle the paint color. We live a few streets away from Sherwin-Williams and they sell very cheap, very helpful little paint samples that make envisioning Morning Fog and Blue Lagoon a little easier.

We narrowed it down to three paint colors. Drizzle (left), Tide Water (right) and our original first choice River Mist (middle). (Note our mistake color Cloudless Day in the back ground)

As Kevin painted we ruled out Tide Water instantly, and decided the name should have been crest toothpaste. We then got a little over zealous and fell in love with Drizzle and painted that swatch a bit bigger than the rest…then realized even though we (ok, just me) are huge Gleeks we didn’t want our son’s room to be blue raspberry slushy blue. Kevin then painted River Mist and we took a big sigh of relief. Well, actually he took a big sigh of relief and I ran out of the room because I had been holding my breath taking a peek at each color after he painted it and took a big gasp of air were there were no toxic fumes flying around in the air.

We’re excited about it because it’s definitely blue enough to make the “It’s a boy!” statement but it’s not too bright or bold..it is just right. So this week Kevin will get his paint on and we will share pictures as soon as he is done. He would have started today but…it is snowing and that is a good enough excuse for me. So excuse me while I go crawl back into bed with the hubby and enjoy the rest of our snow day with a big smile on my face because we conquered our paint picking predicament!

River Mist blue…it is a good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Blue.

  1. When I first started reading this it took me back to years ago when I picked out a paint color, with all the faith in the world, only to find out… that it looked like” Crest Toothpaste”, when I got to that part of your blog I laughed out loud….. maybe” paint indecision” is genetic… if so … sorry… I love your choice and am willing to help Kevin get his paint on =)

  2. Loved your post – and you picked the perfect color! Good to know that about the little samples of paint colors – poor Tom has painted entire rooms before I decided that I didn’t like the color. Oh my gosh, one time we painted the entire shed before we decided we hated the color. Agreed – something about those little squares of color just does not translate to the wall. Stay warm!!!

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