Operation: Kick.

I have felt Noah move and kick for some time now. Thanks to bruised ribs I am very reminded on how active our little Noah (aka “next Christian Rolandio” )is. Not only has he bruised my ribs but I can’t count how many times a day I sprint to the bathroom because if he drop kicks my bladder one more time I might let it all go because he literally will have exploded my bladder. So of course, it has been shocking to me that I am the only one feeling all of this commotion.
We tried dozens of times to catch Noah in one of his kicking fits. When I felt Noah start to get all riled up we would stop whatever we were doing and Kevin would hold his hand on my belly anticipating feeling that little kick, but it never came. Instead Kevin would place his hand on my belly and Noah would stop moving. Kevin attributes it to the fact that Noah is his son and being stubborn and is laughing at his hopeless attempts to feel him. I am crossing my fingers that Kevin has the magic touch and when Noah is born his touch alone will calm anything from fussy cries to colic (wishful thinking right?).
As much as I had felt him from the inside it never occurred to me that I hadn’t felt him on the outside until last week. I was laying in bed Kevin had already left for work and I was laying there trying forget how bad I had to pee and trying to go back to bed knowing if I got out of bed it was over, 6:30am would be my wake up call for the day. I was laying with my arm over my belly when I felt my arm move, and I didn’t move it. Then it happened again. I moved my arm and looked down and I could see Noah moving through my belly. I put my hand over his little feet and he tapped away at my hand. It was amazing. I laid there thinking how could this be happening and no one else is here to feel this! I looked over at the pile of sleeping pugs next to me wishing they could recognize just how incredible that moment was.
All I could think for the rest of the day was Kevin had to feel this. We had the next day we had off together and I knew it would be the day.
The next morning I followed all of my tosses and turns exactly like I had the day before in hopes of prompting Noah. When that urge (demand) to pee came beckoning I stood my ground and pulled the blanket up…I wasn’t moving until Kevin felt this baby kick. I laid there for about five minutes and felt him start to wake up. Then just like the day before he kicked my arm. I took Kevin’s hand which was draped over my shoulder and placed it on my belly. Before I could even ask if he had felt it (I knew he had because I felt the kick all the way through his hand to mine!), he blurted out “I felt it!”.
We laid in bed longer than we should have soaking in one of the best moments of our lives. The pugs came and snuggled their way between the sheets and we laid in bed for the rest of the morning enjoying our little family.
At this stage in my pregnancy I can’t wait to meet Noah but moments like that make me never want to stop being pregnant. Although, I know once he is born every day will be filled with moments just a special that will make us so thankful that we will always be his mom and dad.


One thought on “Operation: Kick.

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful “family” moment….congrats!!! As I was reading this blog I was thinking how wonderful it will be for Noah to be able to go back and read about your adventures and feel the LOVE for him! As always Dominique…thanks for sharing!!! Tell Kevin hi from us too. Hugs!! Aunt Bonnie

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