Ice, Ice Baby.

This week we got hit with a rather wicked winter storm. I feel like it is my fault. I joked about the people the went out and ransacked our local grocery stores for milk and bread like it was the end of the world when we got less than 2 inches of snow two weeks ago, now I wish I was one of those people. Karma and mother nature thank you for the lesson in humility.
The weather forecast for the week were ominous and changed daily. We went from being forecasted snow showers, to a blizzard to an ice storm and then the more accurately forecasted cluster “f” of a storm we actually received. Freezing rain, rain, freezing rain, 40 degree weather for about 2 hours and then freezing rain for 24 hours followed by snow, lots of snow.
The day before the weather was perfect. Cool and sunny. All the snow from the previous storm was almost melted to boot! It was the kind of day that makes you think winter is almost over and that Punxsutawney Phil might have been right with his forecast (cross your fingers). But, no.
I didn’t necessarily pay close attention to the entire Midwest’s winter predicament just my neck of the woods but I recall seeing 20 plus inches forecasted for Chicago, snow shutting down Super Bowl festivities in Dallas and that the North East needed to buckle down. Our forecast worried me enough. Ice..
I really don’t like ice. I’ll take snow any day over ice. Ice is a winter monster that you can’t do anything about. You can’t plow it, shovel it, or salt it. It is pretty bad when you walk outside and you thank God there is snow on the ground next to the sidewalk so you don’t have to walk on the ice or when your local weather man suggest a hammer and a chisel to scrape your windshield (seriously).
Luckily, Kevin and I and all our loved ones weren’t too affected by the storm. Occasional power outages and a few downed tree limbs are nothing compared to the people who are still without power three days later in these horrible temperatures with highs in the teen’s.
We only had one really scary night. It was in the thick of the storm and our neighborhood looked like it had been coated in thick glass. Huge oak trees laid in the streets and gigantic limbs from the lucky trees that didn’t fall littered the ice covered streets making driving impossible. Our power lines were covered in ice and drooped down to almost the ground, I honestly have no idea how they didn’t snap. The scariest part of the storm was when our local power substation about 10 miles from our house had a huge explosion. Several transformers blew up at the same time taking out power to our almost our entire city leaving it dark and quite for seconds before filling the silence with a loud eerie droning noise followed by the sky lighting up like it was the middle of the day flooding everyone’s home with a bright blue light from the explosion.
Needless to say we didn’t sleep well that night. Nothing like the snap, crackle and pop of breaking tree limbs and the blasts of exploding transformers to lull you to sleep. We hunkered down for the night in the guest bedroom with the pugs further away from the potential of falling trees. Use your imagination when you think about how fun it is trying to fit two dogs, a husband and a very pregnant wife on a twin bed. We were all very close the night.
The only living things that didn’t seem to mind the ice were the pugs. I think the appreciated the fact that they didn’t fall through the snow therefore no snow touching their pug bellies. Although they look more like new born deer with sea legs trying to walk on the snow. Their excitment lasted about five minutes. It was a symphony of them gallovanting on to the ice and snow (then falling) and chasing each other around with the obligitory potty break, more running and then bolting for the door when they realized they weren’t a cold weather breed.

Maggie oblivious to the fact that it is freezing out galloping through the snow.

Maggie enjoying the ice.

Humphrey is over the snow.

Overall I am very thankful that the storm didn’t cause more damage and hopefully will be all melting away soon. And now I know not to kid around with mother nature…I will be buying bread and milk at the slightest chance of flurries now.


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