Coyotes, ice and snow, oh my!

As stated in previous blog post and a million times so far this winter to anyone who will listen, I don’t like winter weather. Especially driving in it, especially while expecting. Thanks to Jack Frost I have deployed my husband the official winter taxi service in the Teall house. Kevin is an amazing driver; I think it is thanks to the gazillion hours of video games he has played that make him quick to react whether it is a cat running across the road or a drug lord in Grand Theft Auto. (Note I have never played Grand Theft Auto, so accept my apologies if there are no drug lords running wild in the streets…it is what I imagine the game to be like)

I have Kevin drive me not because I think I am a bad winter driver but because even the smallest accident could be a major accident for Noah. After one bad drive to work in the morning fighting sliding off the road every block the 10 miles I drive to work I decided enough was enough. Even though I didn’t get in an accident on the way in I felt like the level of stress I had from all the stress and anxiety of the drive was more than enough to take a break from being in the drivers seat.

Last weekend Kevin had the day off and I had to be at work at 6am so instead of waking him up I trusted the weather forecast from the night before that described my morning drive as cold with a chance of flurries and figured no big deal.

After I finished getting ready I went out side to warm up my car and to my demise everything had a layer of snow on it. For a second I thought about waking the hubby up but I figured I could handle a dusting of snow. The drive to work was fine, a little skidding and a little slipping but no big deal. What I didn’t realize is my walk into work was what I should have been dreading. I took a big ungraceful spill on the sidewalk walking into work and laid myself out.
Before we get it to the fall let me bring you to the week before. I arrived a little before 6am to find a pack of visitors in our parking lot…coyotes. I was the first one there and had at least a half an hour before anyone else would be making their way into work. My first reaction, why are there coyotes in the little town suburbia I work in and second why aren’t they scared of my car. I had delibretly I pulled my car up close to them and even honked and flashed my brights and they didn’t move, if anything I irritated them. If they aren’t scared of my huge, honking, flashing car they are not going to be scared of me. So I sat in my car for 15 minutes eating a granola bar waiting for them to run off thinking about the news story where a woman who was getting her news paper was attacked by a pack of raccoons and if it wasn’t for her neighbor they would have won that battle. They bit her achelis heels so she would be disabled! I wasn’t about to bring a National Geographic When Nature Attacks episode on myself. Coyotes are meaner and bigger than raccoons…there was no way I was getting out of my car. Eventually they sauntered off into the next parking lot eying my car. As soon as they were far enough away I booked it into the store having had enough wild life for my morning. So back to me laying in the snow on the sidewalk with the infomercial for Life Alert playing in my head “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. I really thought about just staying there until a nice customer would come find me butthe motivation to not be coyote chow brought me to my feet. I took a couple of steps and had a lot of pain and it just got worse all day long.

Of course I was worried. I am Noah’s home and I just spun out like all the cars I passed on the way to work shaking up his whole world. I called my doctor and they told me the signs to watch for and luckily I had a doctor’s appointment the next day so they would see me then. Nothing was wrong, just a few bumps and bruises and one very large dose of anxiety over the fall.

Needless to say I am so very thankful for this recent warm weather, although I miss be chauffeured around in the morning by the hubs! Maybe I will still have him drop me off as coyote patrol? And thanks again to Punxsutawney Phil for your sunny forcast!


One thought on “Coyotes, ice and snow, oh my!

  1. Dominique – I remember falling down the stairs when I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy with Kevin. I sort of fell into the laundry basket that I was carrying (smart, right?). I remember my OB explaining how Kevin was protected by all the amniotic fluid shock absorber and probably the laundry. I took the brunt of the fall, and lost just a little dignitiy along the way. I am soooo glad that you and Noah are fine. AND stay away from coyotes – oh my!

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