Labor pains.

So it might be a shock to all of you that have seen my belly, (it looks as though I am trying to smuggle a watermelon under my shirt) but it has just now hit me – I am in the final stretch. One day I woke up and my blissful second trimester was gone and I was in my third trimester with Noah. Suddenly it got real, very real. The idea of becoming a mom, that at some point after having Noah I will actually have to leave the hospital and be responsible for Noah, the physical strains of pregnancy and going from just us meaning the three of us not two. But mostly it became very real to me that I would actually be birthing this baby, apparently up until then my vision of this delivery involved a stork?
I thought through this pregnancy I would be spending every free moment reading birth stories, taking classes and doing lady exercises to prepare me for what was to come. Instead, every second of my free time is spent napping or in a half awake half asleep state where I try to will Kevin to join my unproductive party in the bedroom after work with a dress code of stretchy pants, snacks galore and copious amounts of sleep(who wouldn‘t want to join that party?!).
I thought I would be much more freaked out about labor, but I’m just not. I am actually eerily calm about it for the most part. I just feel like my body will know what to do and when to do it. Although I wont lie, there are times when I get winded just walking up the stairs and I think if I can’t walk up these stairs…HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I GET THIS BABY OUT! But then I remember I am not the only woman to have given birth in this world and it calms me down as I catch my breath.
I have had moments of worry (ok, shear terror) realizing that baby Noah is now not the size of a poppy seed or lime…that he is now bigger than any exit from my body and currently the size of a squash (according to…a three pound 15 inch long squash. One night in a panic I tried to describe these fears to the hubs. He may have laughed a little (he likes to live on the wild side apparently, laughing at a pregnant woman’s labor pleas) but he grabbed my hand pulled my head in and kissed me on the forehead and said “you are and always will be an amazing mom, now, in labor and every step of Noah’s life and I will be there with you holding your hand through all of it, we will do this together.” Nothing like your hubby getting all Hallmark commercial on you to turn your pre-labor jitters into dust.
So here I am just a mere 72 days from Noah’s predicted birthday and I feel ready. There is still a lot to do and a lot to learn but it will all be perfect because like Kevin said “we will do this together.” It isn’t so scary when you are married to your own personal super hero.


2 thoughts on “Labor pains.

  1. Welcome to the worries of the third trimester – I agree with Kevin, you are already an amazing mom, and you and your personal super hero will be just fine. 🙂

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