The hairy truth about pregnancy.

Holy, hair. I know they say when you suffer from constant heart burn it means the baby is growing hair but I think it might go both ways.
The only nasty pregnancy symptom I have suffered from constantly is heart burn, like to the degree that I am pretty sure the CEO of TUMS can now by a yacht just in thanks to my new must have on the grocery list.
I don’t know if it is the vitamins, the hormones or God’s way of being nice to pregnant woman but pregnancy equals hair heaven well, for the most part.
My hair has grown at a snails pace (a snail that is near the end of his life and covered in salts pace) my entire life. I have never gotten trendy hair cuts because if I do I better be committed to them for at least a year. My hair only grows on average an inch maybe two if I am lucky a year. To top it off I have crazy curly hair so that inch or two is usually kinked and twisted and it goes by unnoticed.
When I found out I was expecting my hair was cut to just below my chin and now is well below my shoulders. After succumbing to an urge to cut my hair off a year and a half ago and regretting it whole heartedly I had not cut it for 6 months and it grew a little less than an inch. In 6 months of being pregnant gone are the days where my hair couldn’t touch my shoulders. Hello, Repunzel and hello roots!
Since I have been pregnant I haven’t been able to keep up with my hairs growth. At one point in my life I was a natural blonde but gone are those days and now my blonde comes from a tube. Highlights were a pretty easy thing to keep up on when I went every 4 or 5 months to get a touch up but now I need one every 4 to 5 weeks. I am not keen on dying my hair while pregnant so I stick with foil highlights that don’t touch my skin and those are about as fun to do as well as fun as putting 100 little folded pieces of foil in your hair (in case you were wondering or were thinking about picking up a new hobby, it isn‘t fun).
Not only has my hair grown like crazy but has almost been the victim of crazy pregnancy hormones at least a dozen times. I have thought about chopping it all off, dying it back to brown and anything else you can do to hair in-between. Never have I ever survived so many hormonal hair swings, here is hoping the next few months go by dye and scissor free! Luckily just as I was wondering about dying my hair chestnut brown and throwing in the beach blonde towel I got a lovely boost today from a random customer who came up and raved about my hair color. I am not sure which I wanted to do more, hug her or break down in tears of joy/madness. Sometimes all it takes is someone who isn’t afraid for their lives over a hormonal hair melt down and what it could do to their bank account (see: husband) to tell you it looks good to make you actually feel like it might in fact look good.
Whether the hair and heartburn connection is true or pregnancy folklore one thing is for sure this pregnancy (and the preggo hormones) have taken over my hair!


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