love, sweat and tears

Sorry for the break in preggo updates but this mommy is beat. Third trimester and anything but napping don’t mix and to count how many naps I have had thus far in my third trimester, zero. The big three has been a lot like the first trimester only now the sand is running out in my pregnancy hour glass. The first trimester was full of just as much heartburn and fatigue as the third but it was much easier to nap the day away knowing I had 9 long months to get everything done. Flash forward to now and I am wishing I could flash back and tell my self it wasn’t going to get any better and to either A) savor that sleep or B) space out all of the craziness that needs done between now and Noah.
Working full time and coming home to relax work on our house full time has been exhausting. Add life, baby appointments, birthdays and events, the husband having a root canal followed by a nasty tissue infection from the root canal that lasted 2 months, our basement flooding(and flooding, and flooding, and flooding), two very needy pugs and finding a mere 8 hours in the day to sleep (if lucky) and there went the past two months of my life.
Kevin and I are sort of perfectionist, or at least attempt to be. Take two perfectionist and put them in a 105 year old fixer upper and you automatically get two hermits that venture out in to the world only to find nourishment or make the trek to their home away from home at the local home improvement store.
Not only are Kevin and I wanna be perfectionist when it comes to renovating but we are also procrastinators and suffer from DIY ADD. This week alone we have…painted an alphabet for the nursery, built a dining room table (from scratch), refinished a coffee table, installed foot board in the kitchen, bead board in the bathroom, installed a sump pump (that hopefully can handle the monster that is our basement), build a bench, finished tiling and grouting the kitchen, started to tile our second bathroom and fixed the tile in the upstairs bathroom shower along with sealing the grout. Note every project still needs something done to be completely finished…why we couldn’t stain and seal the dining room table before tackling the foot board project? DIY ADD. We probably saw a shiny object got distracted and started a new project (more likely story: I watched a little too much HGTV for one day and was inspired to start a new project and drag the hubs along for the ride).
We are getting there though. I don’t quiet see the light at the end of the tunnel yet but I know it is there, preferably being lit by a beautiful antique pottery barn stainless swing arm lamp that I have been dreaming of.
The idea of labor might be scary but not as scary as renovating a house. At least at the end of these nine months all of my hard work will pay off and I will have a perfect little bundle of joy. After 3 years of hard work in our house we still have infinity years of hard work left in it…and call me crazy but I love it.
I am proud that Noah will grow up in a home that we created and put our love, sweat and tears into.
I promise there will be many pictures to come in the next few post(including nursery pictures) just let me take a nap and finish up a few of those projects we started (while adding 10 more ½ started ones to our list)!


4 thoughts on “love, sweat and tears

  1. DIY ADD … that is perfect .. it describes you so well lol
    Your house is beautiful and like all of us “a work in progress”
    Not only is it beautiful but filled with memories and love!
    Noah will love it and before you know it he will have a little
    paint brush in his hand to “help”. Remember when I let you
    “paint” the outside of the house… you were so proud
    with you little bucket of “paint.. aka colored water” and
    brush, you painted everything.. even the dog. Now you have taken an old broken house and created a home, a wonderful, loving home.

  2. I’m exhausted just reading about all your projects!!!! I hope to make it to Ohio this summer to see all your hard work and to hug and kiss Noah. Of course, to see you and Kevin as well. Just think soon you will be holding your beautiful son…oh and still trying to find time to sleep.

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