No pictures, please!

Somewhere in Kevin and I’s crazy work schedule and home nesting reno-obession we have been lucky enough to have two wonderful appointments that have made it all so worth while and kept us motivated.
I won a free 3D ultrasound early in my pregnancy and since we are in the start of the third trimester it was time to see Noah, Avatar style.
We brought my parents and Kevin’s mom along to the first scan thinking they would just wave a wand over my belly and a 3D baby would pop up on the screen. Instead it is much more involved. They have to find little pockets where the baby has enough space for the doppler to work its magic. Too bad Noah felt like showing off his stubborn side and not his front side. We had a beautiful image of the back of his head, actually more like 10 beautiful images of the back of his head. I am not being sarcastic either. In one of the scans when she was measuring his head she paused the scan and pointed to the little lines like a halo around his head, “look at all his hair!” My reply, “you mean my heartburn!” (I guess the old wives tale is true!) We didn’t get very many clear pictures of Noah but we got to see him move and wiggle and the grandparents got to see there is no mistaking Noah is a boy (he didn’t mind showing that off either..) We also learned that Noah certainly takes after mommy and daddy and has a big head. Kevin has to have his hats specialty made because his head is so big and I fit them. When Kevin and I started talking about having kids years ago I told everyone it was inevitable that we were going to have “bull dog” babies, where their heads are just too big for their little itty bitty bodies (but still cute as can be). We all laughed when the tech told us because we all knew it was coming. She said it was great because at least I wasn’t yelling at Kevin for passing his huge head down to our baby, I simply replied “not now, but I am not pushing his head out right now!” We joked that if Noah could hide any more from the camera that he would just put all of his limbs up in front of his face and that is just what he did. During the end of the scan Noah reached down and grabbed his feet and pulled everything in front of his face. He is just like mom and dad, no pictures please!
The wonderful ultrasound tech offered to give us another ultrasound and of course we jumped at the chance. Today was the day and we all woke up bright and early and met at the hospital to take a peak at Noah. We got much better pictures but Noah was still hiding. Every ultrasound we have had Noah has had his hands up in his face either sucking on his thumb or covering his face. It is adorable but makes it hard to get a clear picture of his face! Luckily he moved enough that we could see his chubby little cheeks, him sucking his thumb, blink his eyes and yawn. Just enough to melt my heart.
Every time we are lucky enough to see Noah it makes us want to meet him that much more. We have Noah fever and can’t wait for May to roll around so we can meet our little camera shy bundle of joy.

(A little hard to make out but you can see his eyes, his nose, and him yawning)

Have any other mommies out there had a stubbourn little one or little mover and shaker during their ultrasounds? It seems like babies know when they are having their photo taken and know when to check out from the baby paparazzi!


One thought on “No pictures, please!

  1. I could spend all day watching him yawn, blink, and hide his face – i think i have Noah fever too! This little guy is so cute – what a miracle he is. And he is so loved…

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