the promised pictures

With all of the projects we have been doing, I figured I would post a catch all mini update of all the things that have kept me away from blogging we have been working on (minus the dining room table, once she is finished she gets her own post!).

First up, our “new” coffee table. Kevin and I found her in this state….

She was at a local antique shop and with a price tag of 10$ she stole our hearts.
A couple of hours of sanding, painting and a little love she now is the shining star of our living room.

Next up our kitchen.
When we moved in the kitchen was carpeted in fuchsia carpet that went 6 inches up the wall, it had 4 layers of wall paper (thank God for my family who surprised us while we were on vacation by stripping it all for us!) and had yellow cabinets, yellow tile up the walls and scary “tiffany” style lamps…
How we saw past it I don’t quiet understand but I am glad we did.
Our kitchen is still quiet a work in progress but I figured we might as well give you guys a peak into the beginnings of our kitchen reno.

Our butcher block island was another amazing find, we got it for a steal…15$. It is honestly my favorite part of the kitchen, hello counter space!

Everything is our kitchen is either original with the house and just refished or found on a steal. Having to hunt and search for our finds has definitely drug out the process but it is well worth it.

For this next post I didn’t do anything but find this treasure. We were in need of a lamp for our reading nook in the living room since some crazy pregnant woman lamp-napped it and it now is at home upstairs in the nursery. So imagine my excitement when on a recent trip out to the pottery barn outlet we not only found my lamp soul mate but she was on sale, a BIG sale and perfect for our noon. She was the last one, she was used for display and didn’t come with a shade. So some how that mark down math made our once 200$ lamp come in at 15$….I almost fainted, but then shopping instincts kicked in I grabbed it up and stuck her in our cart and pushed her around lovingly for the rest of our trip.

Last but not least, the nursery.

The nursery still has a long ways to go before it is Noah ready, but we couldn’t wait to share.
We had the letter specialty made for us after seeing a nursery featured on HGTV from the amazing show “Sarah’s House”. Kevin so lovingly painted the nursery and we installed the trim to hold the letters at the top.
The little red rocker is Kevin’s from when he was a baby that his mom saved for us and the ladder was the ladder used when building this house and the original owners left it for us in the garage, so we cut it down and now it has new life in the nursery.
This is only a sneak peak and we will post many more pictures soon!!


2 thoughts on “the promised pictures

  1. OMG – – beautiful!!!! A lot of hard work but it’s great and I’m sure for both of you very rewarding to know the sweat and LOVE that went into your projects.

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