Walking into Target and seeing my reflection in the front door..

“Oh my God. I am waddling.”

“It is ok. I’ll just waddle worse and people will just wonder what is wrong with me and wont notice your pregnancy waddle.”

While walking through the store unable to keep up with him (first time ever in our relationship, I am sort of a shopping speed walker) and forgetting why I was in the isle I was in…

“I am like a lesser version of my self….I am falling apart”

“No you are just getting closer to my level. I am like you 8 months pregnant all the time.”

After deciding to put the stroller we just put together in the closet…

Yelling from the other room “Umm…there is no way this is going to fit.”

I walk in to see Kevin wrestling with the stroller, fully assembled trying to squeeze it into the closet (the 2 x 3 coat closet)…

“You do know that the stroller collapses right?”

“Oh, that would help. I just thought you were crazy.”


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