Practice run.

We all have ways of preparing ourselves for big events in our lives. Little rituals or practice runs that make going into the main event a little easier. Whether it is practicing a job interview over and over in your car on the way to the interview trying to cement in your head all the reasons you would be a great candidate for the job (attempting to hide the bumbling moron that has taken over your mind erasing all useful knowledge and given you a case of verbal diarrhea) or when training for a marathon running countless miles day after day trying to get your head to over ride your bodies response of you want me to run exactly how many miles?! We all like a good test run….well, I did until I met up with pregnancy’s test run – Braxton Hick’s contractions.
I was at work one night, particularly excited because my nine hour shift had less than two hours left in it and I was ready to be done with my shift 7 hours prior. It had been a rough day and that night wasn’t exactly going my way. I had just started my closing duties when I had the thought “I feel uncomfortable“, flash to 30 seconds later where uncomfortable turned into “I think my uterus is trying to kill me”. I walked into the office closed the door and called Kevin.
I knew what to do, but of course I couldn’t think about what to do all I could think was I already felt awful, today has been awful, now I am behind at work and my employees think I am crazy because I am hiding in the office. Kevin who read all of the baby books told me to get up, not to sit, walk around and drink a couple glasses of water, take my time closing and to call if anything else happened and he would be there to check on me after he finished closing.
He was right. I got up, drank the water and walked around and stopped racing around my store like a chicken with my head cut off trying to save labor or get people out early and I didn’t have any more problems that night.
I went to the doctor the next day and the contraction was brought on by dehydration and most likely stress. I left promising my doctor I would try to take it easy at work and drink more fluids…more than the 96 oz of water I already drink per a work shift. I cringed a little promising to up the fluid in take imagining that for the 96 oz of water I already drink a work shift usually adds up to 96 trips to the bathroom…but a pregnant lady has to do what she has to do!
I have had a couple more contractions here and there and it actually is helping. I know it isn’t any where near the pain I will feel when I get to “labor day” but it is a good test run. They have taught me that Kevin is already a great coach, that yes they hurt but they pass and that my body knows what it is doing and is getting itself ready for go time.
So until I feel a real contraction and I have a nurse by their scrubs begging them for an epidural I will remain at peace and continue to pretend like I have my foot in the door with my pregnancy test run.


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