Basketball & babies.

It looks like I am good at growing a baby. I am at 37 weeks and little big Noah has grown to measure at 40 weeks (full term).

(I feel like this would be an appropriate time to insert a general warning to anyone that didn’t fare well in health class, gets the ebbie jeebies hearing about anything lady part related or doesn’t want to ever know what a mucus plug is – aka men, this is your warning you may want to stop reading my blog from this point on until Noah arrives.)

Kevin and I went to my 37 week appointment yesterday. Gone are the days where we joyfully made our way every two weeks to the doctor for a quick listen to the heart beat and a run down of my questions.

No. Now it is Kevin dragging me like a wild dog on a leash into the doctor’s office and blocking any and all escapes. Now my visits entail a full exam…the embaressing, you already feel like a whale but here get undressed and use this piece of tissue paper to attempt to cover yourself and the doctor will be right in to violate you exam. Everytime. Kevin told me (the shyest most modest human on Earth) it isn’t any thing to get worked up about it is just her job. I then asked him to remember that statement when he hits the age where he needs a prostate exam. Point made.

At this visit not only did we learn our incredible hulk child was big enough to be considered 40 weeks, we learned that I am 1.5 centimeters dilated and 75% effaced. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means it is go time (or soon will be).

I will not lie, I was sort of (a lot) freaked out by this. I am already for go time, but I still need to nest! This isn’t Cinco De Mayo, my oh so hopeful “labor day”! I still need twigs for my nest!

I couldn’t understand why Kevin was so calm after hearing all of this and he responded, “well, that is about 6 days away from the 21st (his guess), so according to that you are right on schedule.” My response, “are you crazy, this isn’t a basket ball pool!”

After hearing the news I have been going through waves of nesting. There is the clean the baseboards with a q-tip nesting level and then there is the sit in my nest level. I have only been in gather, clean and organize mode (aka crazy pregnant lady mode). I didn’t know there was another level of nesting. I have had this odd instinct that is the exact opposite of every other instinct I have had. To sit, relax and quietly prepare myself for Noah. I have coined it the “sit on my egg” part of nesting.

Monday we will have an ultrasound to see just how big Noah is getting and where we will go from there. I guess I should have listened to Kevin when he told me “labor day” would be the 21st. He did after all win his college basketball bracket.

37 weeks

The day we found out he was measuring 40 weeks, not surprised. It looks like I am having a toddler!


One thought on “Basketball & babies.

  1. I love your blog – and can just picture you at the next level of nesting. 🙂 And of course Kevin has calmly confidently “called it.” Don’t freak – rest up! Can’t wait to hear the ultrasound results… Love you! Grammie Teall

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