Must love pugs.

Between nesting and cleaning something else has been on my mind – nurturing.

Kevin and I are already proud pug parents, as everyone knows, hence the blog title love, life and PUGS.
Our pugs are our little fury soul mates. Their little brown eyes steal our hearts everyday and make it easy to get past all the pug fur that covers our lives.

This past month they have been acting a little funny. Needless to say they know something is up. Besides the growing belly I am sure they are perplexed by mom and dad’s crazy cleaning, nesting, home project madness – if anything they have been irritated by it (we are interrupting their pug naps). Not only that but the once bare second bedroom is now filled with bright colors, a crib, a rug (aka the pug play mat), and lots and lots of toys that squeak, rattle and roll that they aren’t allowed to play with.

Humphrey, my little BFF has been especially attentive. He is fascinated with my new belly button and would spend the day licking my swollen legs and feet if I let him. Our vet says it is a reaction to my swelling and his attempt to take care of me. He wakes up with me and puts his chin on my belly when heartburn or now contractions keep me up at night. The only way he could be a better dog is if some how he could figure out how to rub my feet!

Maggie has been super attached to Kevin and running to him for everything. Within two seconds of Kevin walking into the house and Maggie is on Kevin with her head tucked under his chin with her little tail thumping away. She sleeps on him, follows him around and waits for him all day by the window when he is at work.

We have never been away from our dogs for more than 2 nights, which was almost three years ago when we went on a vacation sans pugs. Kevin and I have not been away from them for a single night since….I don’t know what they are doing to do the three days I will be in the hospital…better yet I don’t know what I am going to do! Is it possible to include your dogs as part of your birthing plan?

In order to ease the separation anxiety for our fur babies (and me) I have been spending a little extra pug one on one time with each of them. I cuddle each of them a little longer. Throw the ball a couple more times than I normally would and sneak them cheese out of the fridge more than I should.

Hopefully all this extra TLC will help when not only do mom and dad go away for three days but we bring back their brother, Noah.

Hopefully they will forgive us one day.


2 thoughts on “Must love pugs.

  1. They will be very loved as Grandpa and Grandma come to
    take care of them, just like when you were on vacation..
    after they are our grandpugs ❤

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