Bug 101.


(Kevin jumps up)

I said don’t move! There is a bug on you!

(I debate whether or not to smack it or attempt to point it out to him so he can do the dirty work – but like a loving wife I closed my eyes and swung at him)

I think I got it, don’t move let me see.

(Kevin moves and brushes him self off)

Now we will never know! How am I going to sleep with a potential preditor in our bed!

What was it?

I don’t know…black, beetle-ish.

(I start stripping the bed of all bedding in a frantic hunt for the bug)

I found it!

(Kevin leans over to inspect the bug which is about the size of a sun flower seed…out of it’s shell…)

Oh my god! It was a cockroach!

Are you kidding me? That is a bettle. A harmless, little black bettle.

No, it squished. Bettles don’t squish, they have exoskeltons.

Ok, bug 101 aside that is/was a bettle not a cockroach – we are going to bed. Oh, next time please try to act less like their is an axe murderer behind me and more like there is a small harmless insect on my shirt.


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