The final count down.

Three weeks ago when they told me I was at 1.5 centimeters, I wasn’t sure what to think. Dilated? Me? Already?

My braxton hicks had gotten a lot worse and more frequent but nothing that left me thinking I was dilated. I was pretty excited. 1.5 down only 8.5 to go!

My next appointment we found out I was at 3 centimeters. I made the doctor repeat herself after telling us the first time. She laughed and repeated herself. She also calmed my fears that I was meer seconds away from going into full on active labor after reading my deer in head lights face…well, sort of. She explained I could be at 3 centimeters for 3 seconds or 3 weeks. She said normally, especially with your first you don’t stay at 3 for long. I made extra care in hopping off the table to make sure I did not, you know drop Noah out right then and there. At that point we were still a little too early to deliver and I was having obviously productive contractions. Noah was ready to go but we had to put on the brakes so my doctor recommended that I start my leave and try to rest as much as possible to carry him for another week.

On the chart they showed us in birthing class there were 4 different faces to explain labor and the levels of pain, 0 -1 is the happy face, 2 to 3 centimeters is the sort of uncomfortable but still happy face. The next face 4-5 is the oh my God-get him out of me-angry face… the go time face.

Over the next couple of days I eventually stopped walking around on egg shells that at any moment I was going to go from pregnancy bliss to go time.

Then yesterday I had my 39 week appointment. The exam went as usual and then after telling me I was still at 3 centimeters my doctor asked, so would you like to be induced tomorrow at 5am?

Um, say what?

My mind went blank. I knew I should have a million questions but I couldn’t get a single one out. Luckily Kevin (super husband/dad) swooped in. Kevin asked the doctor if it was her or her daughter pregnant what would she recommend. She paused and smiled and said she would wait a week until next Wednesday, his due date and induce if he had not come by then. I felt a lot better after he ran down his list of what was best for Noah, me, what inducing meant, if we were favorable to be induced, etc…he really did read the baby books.

After the appointment I talked with both of our moms and they put me even more at ease. Both of them have gone through pregnancies that have been induced and explained it is nothing to be afraid of but what is the harm in seeing if he pops out in the next couple of days?

In order for Noah to get a move on – I have gotten my move on. I have been waddling around trying to get gravity on my side or jump start my contractions. Kevin and one of his managers at work have a running joke on who wants to walk Dominique, that maybe while he is at work he should hire someone to walk me. Luckily Kevin and my mom have been on board with the whole brisk waddle that leaves me panting while they slowly stroll beside me. If I could do high knees around the block or jog I would. I am pretty sure that just waddling around right now is the equivalent to running a marathon at a sprints pace.

So now I am off to eat a trough of spicy food, do some jumping jacks and waddle around some more.

So that is where we are at. Maybe baby any day, definitely baby on May 4th. Either way this week I will be a mommy and our little guy will be here!


3 thoughts on “The final count down.

  1. Congrats! What an awesome journey your are about to start. Becoming a mother is such an amazing part of life. I hope all goes well for you and that your little one arrives healthy and safe. I had a girlfriend (now has 10 kids) that would walk, and walk, and walk to bring on the babies. Good luck and I look forward to reading your future posts. : )

  2. I had so much fun helping you walk yesterday… you are so beautiful, and glowing still!!! Noah will come.. maybe a few more walks, or maybe a few more avocado egg rolls … I am willing to walk or even jog with you …. (pretty sure you could still beat me at jogging lol ) just rest up.. the next chapter is about to begin and it will take your breath away… I love you 3 beyond all words ❤

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