Happy Mother’s Day

This mother’s day was one that I will never forget. It started out squished in my hospital bed with Kevin with Noah snug in between us and just after midnight Kevin wishing me my first mother’s day.

I received the best gift I could ask for this mother’s day, I got to take Noah home.

The entire day was dreamlike. Kevin’s family came to visit us before we were released and brought Kevin’s baby album. We were all in such awe of how much Noah looks like Kevin, flipping through the album was incredible. Not only did I get to see Kevin through the years but it was like every page I flipped was a glimpse into Noah’s future.

After they left my mom came to see us out of the hospital and help us settle back into our home. Leaving the hospital was surreal. Being wheeled out with my little bundle of joy out to take him into the real world was humbling.

The 5 minute drive home from the hospital felt like an eternity. Somehow this once routine route  in my mind was like a scene out of Ice Road Truckers. Nothing was out of the ordinary but mommy mode had me a little (a lot) over protective during Noah’s first car ride. Every pot hole stopped my heart and 35 miles an hour felt like 90. Luckily I have an amazing husband and he didn’t mind me checking how fast he was driving every block.

Once we got home before Noah could come through the front door we had some pug business to take care of. My mom held Noah on our porch while Kevin and I reunited with our fur babies. Judging by their reactions I don’t think they thought we were coming back. Four days away from them was four days too many. They cried, howled and burrowed their little flat faces into us. It broke my heart. I knelt down to the ground and they both ran up and put their faces under my chin and just whimpered and wagged their tails. It was quiet the welcome home.

We brought Noah in and started to get settled into our new family. It was hard to believe that the last time we had left the house it was just Kevin and I and now us wasn’t just two it was three.

Time went by in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it after unpacking, showering, setting up and just plain gawking over Noah it was night time. Kevin and I set up camp in the nursery. The room we had worked on for months and months finally had its missing piece. Having him in the room made it complete and it fits him perfectly. Kevin and I laid out his baby quilt on the rug and laid there with him dreaming about our future as a family.

Soon I was asleep and daddy was giving me the best gift he could (besides Noah) much needed sleep. Kevin saw us both to bed and watched Noah sleep so I could get some solid rest in.

I can’t wait for all of the handmade cards and breakfast in bed concoctions that Noah and Kevin come up with for mother’s days to come, but this mother’s day will always have a special place in my heart.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. WOW didn’t hear about the labor details OUCH!!!! However as you have already discovered the wonder of holding your new baby in your arms erases all the pain with LOVE and PRIDE!!! As always it’s wonderful to read your blogs as you write what you feel with love and humor. My love to all of you!!! I just wish we lived closer = (

  2. That first Mother’s day is always just that…the first. It makes it special just because of that. Then the rest are made even more special…because you had the first. 🙂

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