love life and pugs….and baby.

So by now we all know I am in love (obsessed) with my dogs (fur babies). Leaving them for four days was torture on me.  I could just imagine their little hearts breaking the first night they were alone wondering where mom and dad were for bed time, and then the next morning and night, etc. I am going to cry just thinking about it!  I would be a classic case for any dog “whisperer” or dog therapist knock off tv show. Hi, my name is Dominique and I credit my dogs with having human emotion and let them run my life and I am ok with that. If you can look into their brown bulging eyes and not be putty in their paws you have no soul.

We had long suspected the meet and greet between Noah and the pugs may not go as well as we would like. After all Humphrey and Maggie are not puppies, have never been around babies and as far as they are concerned they are babies and have no interest in sharing that spot light. Humphrey has enjoyed the past 6 and Maggie last 4 years of their lives just as they were, with them as the center of our universe.

Our first day home went well only because the pugs were too excited we were home to absorb that there was a new addition to our family.  Day two, not so well.

The Noah acceptance process has been a bit of a roller coaster. Humphrey on day two decided Noah was enemy number one. Noah cried and it was on. After hearing him cry, Humphrey barked for a good two hours and ran around the house like someone had lit his curly little tail on fire. Then he tired himself out, napped and then started his anti-baby demonstration all over again…for the rest of the very long day. Maggie sunned on the back of the couch and ignored both him and Noah. At least only one pug hated Noah…or so we thought.

Humphrey was not making very friendly noises during this picture.

Day three, began the guilt trip of a life time via Humphrey. Every time I would go to pet him he would shutter and duck like I was going to hit him. His once curly tail hung long and straight. I told Kevin it was like the killer whales at sea world when their dorsal fins bend to the side because they are depressed (I realize now that is a bit of a stretch).  But now that Humphrey had put his guard down while he was laying the guilt on thick Maggie was on duty and she wasn’t having it. She paced around his bassinet like a shark in the water. Any time we tried to let her smell a blanket or sock of Noah’s she made her resentment very well known.

Humphrey sulking in the window, ignoring me calling his name and even offering cheese.

Day four will go down as the day of barking. Morning, noon and night. Barking, crying, whining, whimpering – it was like living in a dog kennel.

Thankfully day five brought some relief. I am pretty sure even the pugs were tired of their baby strike because it was as if overnight they were over caring about the situation and reverted back to our normal loving fawn goobers.

Humphrey's real reason for accepting Noah, he comes with new toys and fun baby things to steal.

Things are much better now, in fact they are better than we could have hoped. They lick Noah’s feet and wag their tails. When he cries they don’t view it as a challenge to see who can make the most noise. When I feed him they don’t try to wedge in between us.

Maggie relearning how to stay...specifically stay away from baby.

Long story short, I still love my dogs…just for a few days there I thought they didn’t love me anymore/made it their mission to destroy me.

So no dog whisperer needed here, I will continue to treat them as my babies, there is just a new baby to add to the group.


3 thoughts on “love life and pugs….and baby.

  1. The saying: A picture is worth 1000 words – is certainly true with your blog! What great pictures!!!!
    Poor pugs! What a week! Glad to hear that the adjustment is happening!

  2. Humphrey and Maggie have come so far… seem to improve even more everyday =)
    I see Humphrey being Noah’s protector now… and Maggie… who knows lol

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