Feeling blue, part two.


So once upon a time, before we realized they allow you to take your baby home even if your nursery isn’t complete we feverishly picked a paint color for our little beans room.


If you recall from this post, it was quiet the paint debacle. After considering every shade of blue under the sun, we thought we had a winner, River Mist from Martha Stewart. So we (we meaning: Kevin) painted the entire room.


River Mist is the middle blue...not so bad in a sploch...very bad painted all over a room.

I tried to love it. I tried to live with it. Every day I would come home from work and stand in the nursery fighting an internal decorating battle with myself and beg myself to love it. Soon I stopped going in the nursery and kept the door closed, because the pasty blue seemed to be taunting me every time I would walk by the nursery.


If I could paint this wouldn’t have been an issue. I would just pick out a new color and paint over it. I love to paint. There is something oddly calming to a semi (major) OCD freak like myself about a fresh coat of paint going up on the walls and all of the simple detail work that goes along with it. Kevin hates to paint. There is something oddly infuriating to him about painting, especially when that fresh paint gets speckled and dripped all over the floor, baseboards, windows and himself (note: Kevin does not do detail painting so we wont go there). Kevin’s approach is a little different than my 3 different types of paint brush, tape, newspaper, and glove method. His is sort of like a roller free for all, get as much as you can with the roller and call it a day.


Well my super husband knowing how important this project was to me decided to do it my way. Which took him 8 hours. And it wasn’t just a typical one color and a base board paint job…in order to get the boarder for the wooded alphabet we were going to install he had to measure a level line (in a unlevel room) all the way around tape it off and paint a two tone color effect.


So imagine my guilt for secretly hating the two colors I asked him to paint the nursery. Telling him involved me sobbing, a hormone fueled apology (that I am pretty sure made no sense) and making him a chocolate cake before I told him in order to soften the blow.


Luckily like I said earlier he is a super husband and dad and laughed and agreed it didn’t look right and we ate the chocolate cake sitting in the nursery picking out the two new paint colors.


We picked Kerry Terrier Blue and plain old pure white for the boarder (we really wanted the letters to stand out).


I went to work the next day and Kevin had the day off. He spent the entire day painting over his last paint job. When I got home and saw it all done, I had a happy pregnancy melt down. I cried. I laughed. I cried some more. Then I ate.


The two colors blending perfectly to create nursery bliss!

It was perfect. And it still is. We couldn’t imagine a better paint color for our little guys room…even though I am pretty sure it is going to be a while until Noah can enjoy it since I am pretty sure I am going to try to keep him in the bassinet next to my bed until he can crawl out of it or tell me he wants out!


3 thoughts on “Feeling blue, part two.

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  2. Such a beautiful nursery. Hormone meltdowns work wonders! It looks as if you all did what you needed to to make it work. And you made great memories in the process. Twenty some odd years from now when your “bean” is moving on, you two will share some moments of his childhood and how fast it went. I would be willing to bet that this moment, the “Paint Debacle” of the nursery is going to be one that comes up and gets laughed about often. : )

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