Month one.

Dear Noah,

It hardly seems possible that you’re already four weeks old. You’re growing so fast that sometimes I worry if I close my eyes for just a moment too long, I’ll miss something spectacular.

This month has been one of so many firsts. It seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye, it feels like just yesterday I was waiting anxiously to meet you. Even though it was just a month ago that you — all 8 pounds of you was inside of my belly it feels like you have been here forever.

You have turned your dad and I in to “those parents”. The ones that talk in baby talk…all of the time, we refer to each other as mommy and daddy…to each other and in third person, we celebrate poopy and pee pee… we use the words poopy and pee pee, everything you do we are sure is a sign of how advanced you are…even at one month.

We may be biased, but we think you are perfect. Granted, we’re enamored when you fill up a diaper, none the less we are impressed.

One of the most exhilarating things about welcoming you into our lives is getting to know you. You already have such a personality.  You aren’t fussy but you are quick to let us know your likes and dislikes. If you aren’t pleased you let out one single mini cry, there aren’t tears, you don’t turn red or scream – you just politely let us know we are getting it wrong and to try again. When you are happy, boy to you let us know. You break it down. You throw yourself a baby dance party when you like what is going on. You sort of look like a Charlie Brown character dancing (you have your dad’s dance skills). It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You also babble. You are a talker, just like mommy. You talk when your feeding, sleeping, when your carried or chilling in your swing. I would give anything to know what your coo’s and ooh’s mean, I am going to lose it when you actually start to talk.

I’ve also taken immense pleasure in your mini milestones. From the day you were born everyone has commented on how alert you are. The day we brought you home from the hospital, I watched as your eyes fixed on your dad as he walked around the room. I immediately exclaimed that we had created a genius baby. A GENIUS BABY!

My opinion only solidified when you started deciding to control your binky time. You take it and hold it and with pretty good accuracy return it to your mouth at will. You push it further in your mouth when you are nodding off and loosing grip. You hold it close by on your cheek when you just need a break. People didn’t believe us until they saw you do it themselves, even your doctor saw and said, “well, that’s not normal, don’t you know you are just a newborn!” Yep, you are a genius.

Being that you are a baby Einstein, you took right to nursing. The lactation consultant at the hospital visited every day and called after we were released saying you were one of the best breast feeders she had ever seen. Even with that we had a little bump to overcome, mommy had a mission. You lost a lot of weight after you were born, 10%. We had two weeks to get you back to your birth weight. We did it in one. I think a tiny baby fist bump is in order.  

Life with you so far has been a whirl wind. I don’t know what day it is or sometimes even what hour it is, but I do know that time sort of stands still when you’re snuggled in my arms and you’re looking into my eyes.

Everyone told me that I would love you beyond measure, they were right. There are no words.

Noah, today you are one month old. Welcome to the world little one. It is so much better now that you are here.

Every day with you so far has been a miracle. I can’t wait for what comes next.




2 thoughts on “Month one.

  1. Bless, what a sweet letter. Glad everything is going well – that binky skill is sure to prove very helpful to Mum and Dad. Actually, I’m rather jealous – I seemed to constantly have my boob out for the first 4 months because F refused a dummy. Then she found her thumb and all was right with the world. x

  2. I am envious in a way. Having the opportunity to create this type of posting will be such a journal for your child’s growth and changes over the years. I kept a journal of my twins from the moment I found out about them until, well,… until I had absolutely no time it seemed as I was chasing twins! : ) No one can ever explain it to an “about to be” parent. But once a parent, you know what that feeling is. There is nothing quite like the feeling when having a child. And I couldn’t help but laugh when you said, ” I think a tiny baby fist bump is in order.” The image is priceless!

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