Tummy time.

Not more than 7 short weeks ago I was afraid that at any second Noah’s neck was going to break if I wasn’t fully supporting it. Handing him off to people I felt a pit form in my stomach. They surely would not support his head correctly. I cautioned everyone to support his head and neck when holding him, even a nurse while we were in the hospital.

I have also been consumed with what I am told is an irrational but completely normal fear of anything by his face, in fear that he might suffocate. This mainly pertains to him flipping over on his tummy in his sleep.

So imagine my struggle being instructed to do that exact opposite, with tummy time, where you lay the baby flat on their belly with no neck support. Tummy time is a developmental exercise important to infants. Infants spend a lot of time on their backs and need tummy time to balance out and build their muscles. You know so I don’t have to walk around supporting Noah’s head when he is 30.

It didn’t help my hesitation that when we first started tummy time Noah wanted nothing to do with it. When I put him on his stomach, he protested wildly, creating sounds I didn’t think humans could make. So when I heard those sounds, a voice inside my head said, “AAAaahhh! I’m killing my baby!” And I scrambled to pick him up. In spite of my tummy time trepidation we pressed on.

getting ready for tummy time

After easing Noah (and me) into tummy time, starting out with side time, he now loves it. Since embracing tummy time Noah has started to show off all of its benefits. He lifts his head, rolls over like a pro and squirms his way around the blanket in short spurts thanks to those crazy strong legs of his.

Loving tummy time.

I don’t know if his love of tummy time is due to his new perspective or just the fact that mommy and daddy make funny squeals out of excitement when he does things like lift his head. Either way we are big fans of tummy time too.


6 thoughts on “Tummy time.

  1. Love it. Made me recall my apprehension with my first son’s tummy time. I’m from California and it was instructed we partake early on. Early tummy time led to super early crawl time. Such a great and scary thing, that tummy time.

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