After Kevin got off the phone with the insurance company and had to spell out everything to the not so helpful insurance agent..

Me: That was the most random word letter pairing I have ever heard…T as in toy, E as in Ear, A as in Ant and L as in log…twice.

Kevin: She couldn’t understand anything I was saying, I said Teall, like as in the color teal, she said ok Mr. Ree-oo-ul-AK.

Me: I can’t believe these people decide whether we quality for their insurance.

Kevin: Well, hopefully Mr. Reeooulak qualifies because I am pretty sure that is what is going to be on our insurance card.

We got a free coupon for a two liter of Sun Drop..

Me: What’s the verdict on the Sun Drop?

Kevin: Yellow.

Me: What?

Kevin: It tasted…well…yellow. And that isn’t a good thing.

Me: What color should it have tasted like?

Kevin: If you are going to taste like a color, go red or go home.

Me: I don’t think Sun Drop a citrus soda named after the sun would make much sense tasting “red”..

Kevin: Well, I don’t think Sun Drop makes much sense tasting like knock off moutian dew laced with pee. It tasted that yellow.

Me: Ok. Point made. No more Sun Drop.

Kevin: Why do you think they are giving it away for free?


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