Mommy milestones

No one ever tells you about mommy milestones. You wait anxiously for each and every milestone your little one reaches. There are charts, graphs and books dedicated to baby milestones. Baby milestones are pretty freaking awesome. Rolling over, first words, first steps – seriously baby milestones are my jam. Mommy milestones while at times are awesome can sometime feel like that dream you have where you somehow show up at school/work naked and everyone is staring at  you – just add a screaming baby.

My two recent mommy milestones were ones I dreaded.

I am overly modest. So the fact that my babies food comes from my two of my most unmodest parts can cause a modesty conundrum. Like for example when pulling up to Target and Noah deciding that the 45 minute nosh session he had before the 15 minute car ride to Target was just an appetizer and he is ready for the entrée – NOW. Kevin looked at me, I looked at Noah and I knew what I had to do. I breastfed in the Target parking lot. Kevin was a gentleman and pulled to a more discreet location and whoop there it was. The moment I knew at some point was coming was here. I knew I was going to eventually feed Noah outside of the comfort of my own home. I was convinced some police officer was going to tap on the window and arrest me for public indecency or on lookers would gawk and shake their heads. But none of that happened. Actually it was extremely uneventful.  Noah ate, fell asleep and we had a peaceful Target trip for bottles and baby sunscreen. I sort of felt like I had reached a new level in mommy hood, I stood a little taller perusing the isles of Target…I am not sure if it was the mommy milestone confidence or the fact that I had just unloaded what felt like half a gallon of milk – either way I felt good.

Yesterday brought my most current milestone. I was living the life. I was innocently watching the Bachelor and enjoying my skinny cow ice cream bar, Noah was asleep, the pugs were sleeping, Kevin was at work and couldn’t make me feel bad about getting wrapped up in all of the delusional drama that makes the Bachelor so addicting. I had me time! No sooner had Ashley started whining about her polygamist predicament of picking a husbad had I noticed the sky looked a little weird outside, greenish. There was no watch or warning on the tv, but coming from a girl who watches the Weather Channel for fun I knew something was up. I looked outside and the sky was swirling like whirlpool. Soon the trees were swaying back and forth like blades of grass in the wind and lighting lit up the sky furiously. Then came the tornado sirens. The power started to cut on and off. My heart was racing. The pugs began howling and Noah was startled with each roar of thunder. The sound of branches snapping and the flashes of lightning filled our home. With Noah under arm I put both dogs on leashes, grabbed a flashlight, threw on my tennis shoes and headed down to the basement. I was terrified. I in general I hate weather. Snow, ice, storms, rain, heat – not a fan. The only weather I enjoy is in the fall, cool crisp and boring – perfect. There were trees falling outside of my house, this was not my moment. But I had to deal. Kevin wasn’t home, I was alone and I was a mom, I had to be the tough one. I sat on the floor of my basement comforting Noah and my dogs until the storm passed. After the storm had settled I realized I had done what I feared I wouldn’t be able to do – be the comfort my mom was for me in times where she was probably just as scared as I was. Granted singing lullabies and making it rain dog treats was probably a lot easier than handling the terrified crying lunatic 13 year old me during a tornado warning (kudos mom).

I feel like mommy milestones start at birth (hello, isn’t birth the ULTIMATE mommy milestone) and last a life time. They bring out the super hero, the teacher, the caregiver, the bravery and the love we never knew we were capable of. But, thankfully all mommy milestones aren’t so flustery (yeah, that isn’t a word, I know), like fitting into those pre-pregnancy jeans or that first full night of sleep.

So I will continue my adventure as a new mommy with a few milestone badges and welcome every baby and mommy milestone along the way.

Anyone else have any mommy milestones under their belt or any to look forward to?


2 thoughts on “Mommy milestones

  1. Dominique, you are truly a writer, what you write is engaging, entertaining and you suck the reader in and share so much of yourself, I always look forward to reading your new posts and am always sorry when they end. Thanks for sharing so much.

  2. That was beautiful to read. Yes. I have a boatload of Mommy milestones racked up now. My oldest just finished his first year of college and *gulp* recently announced his engagement.

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