Who says you’re not perfect?

Yep. Stole that title straight from Selena Gomez. Judge away.

It is really weird when people think we live in a perfect bubble. Lets make one thing clear. Kevin and I are not perfect. I am pretty sure Noah is but then again I think his poopy diapers are perfect – sue me.

We fight. Hello, he is Italian and I am Irish. And it doesn’t help that we are both crazy stubborn. House projects take longer than expected, like when no home improvement store carries your ancient homes pipe fittings so now in the middle of taking out your kitchens garbage disposal you don’t have a kitchen sink any more (yay, fun). And sometimes we pretend chicken wings, pizza and a pint of ice cream are health food.

I don’t like to complain, sometimes I do (again not perfect) but I try not to. When the tough gets going we try to get the positive juices flowing (re-reading that I do realize that sounds a tad inappropriate/cheesy – but we are keeping it in to mix things up). So when Kevin has had a bad day at work and comes home I don’t make him jump right into hubby/daddy mode. I give him the nudge to take his P.O.ed self and have some “me-time” – to go kill things on Xbox or go for a run. That makes for a much happier hubby/daddy (and wife). And when I am still in my pj’s from a day ago, I have spit up in my hair and ate a bread sandwich for lunch because I couldn’t find the time to feed my piranha of a child and make lunch for myself he takes Noah and runs me a bath. It is all about the give and take, the bigger picture and the really important stuff.

The important stuff isn’t that I have two day old dishes in my sink right now it is that instead of doing those dishes Kevin and I took advantage of Noah’s early bedtime and had a date night in last night. I’ll take date night over dishes any day.

Yes, Noah misses naps and turns into Cranky McCrankerson and we have had our share of the obligatory sleepless nights with Noah.  But why complain? We have it pretty freaking good. We are still crazy in love and after over 11 years of being together we think that is pretty awesome. We have an amazing, healthy, happy baby boy. Our pugs are pretty cool and we live in a dream neighborhood, in our dream house.

I know that I am not perfect but thinking about how good my life is, that is some kind of perfect.

What makes your life perfect?

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2 thoughts on “Who says you’re not perfect?

  1. Is pizza and icecream not health food? Really? Are you sure? Damn.

    The stuff that makes my life perfect: having a lie in on a Saturday morning, when the baby learns a new skill (like clapping – amazing), when the man pours me a glass of wine at the end of a long day and we get to watch rubbish telly on the sofa. It’s the little things.

  2. It is the little things… like when the flowers just start to bloom, feeding hummingbirds,backyard BBQ,laying in my hammock, when the leaves turn color and begin to fall,and the first snow fall. So many things but when all is said and done what makes my life perfect is you, Kevin,Noah,Brian,Zack and Spencer <3<3<3

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