While getting ready for the day..

Kevin: What is wrong?

Me: I am a frump.

Kevin: No you aren’t. Don’t talk about my wife that way!

Me: I look like Brittney Spears…the bad trashy version.

Kevin: A) you don’t B) as long as you don’t shave your head and start swinging umbrellas at anything we are good.


While out shopping..

Me: I have been looking everywhere for these!

Kevin: What?

Me: These scalloped white porcelain bowls.

Kevin:  You mean the golf ball bowls?

Me: Golf ball bowls?

Kevin: Yeah, look at them – they look like golf balls.

Me: If I call them golf ball bowls can I buy two?

Kevin: As long as when we refer to them we refer to them as golf ball bowls.

Me: Deal.



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