local love.

I love a good farmers market. Who doesn’t? It  makes eating healthy not only taste better but seem better. Eating the diet of a omnivore seems cool when displayed in nifty wicker baskets donning etsy-esque chalkboard signs reading “picked fresh this morning”. Regular apple in grocery store = boring. Apple at farmers market = natures candy.

So imagine my organic fruit and veggie happiness overload when the market down the street was holding a wait for it…..A FARMERS MARKET! Woot woot!

Kevin was off work so he got to partake in all the organic glory of the farmers market. It was amazing, I skipped from stand to stand filling up our bag as I went along. I am sure Kevin was just as thrilled as I was, but just playing it cool as an organic cucumber (pun very intended) and keeping his fresh produce excitement on the inside.

He did win mega wife points when he bought a bouquet of sunflowers for me at one of the stands and said they were from Noah. Heart = melted.

I couldn’t imagine a better family outing for us right now. Noah is all about colors and touching anything and everything right now. The farmers market was the perfect place for that. His favorite find of the day, a tomato half his size.

Noah's pick for the day

After I finished buying way too much produce, we headed home and I started in on our pile of farmers market goodness.

Here’s what we made out of what we bought:

Homemade lemonade iced tea, tomato & spinach salad, steal cut oats with maple sugar, spicy sweet potato fries, tomato and green chili salsa, vegetarian chili, vegatable soup, honey granola, popcorn with olive oil and sea salt, tomato sauce and of course a ton of fruits to snack on al natural.

Pretty good for just 15 bucks and an afternoon of fun with the fam!



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