After a Week Away

Authored by Rickey Combs

There is nothing like returning home after being away for a week. As nice as it is to be away for a while you can’t beat the familiarity of home. I love to hear the beep beep beep of my ADT Home security monitoring when I open the door. It’s a reassuring sound that lets me know things will be as I left them. I always try to leave my home picked up if not clean including all the dishes washed and trash taken out so I don’t have to do anything when I return except unpack and relax! Once I get inside I unpack my bags and start a load of laundry then sit down and unwind from the trip back. Because I’ve been away I’m usually out of food so I use it as an excuse to order take out. While I wait for my food to arrive I go through the mail discarding all the junk and organizing the bills. Soon enough my food shows up and I have a seat on the couch and enjoy my last few hours of vacation catching up with my favorite shows on the dvr!


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