While out on our walk..

Me: Do you think cicada buzzing is like white noise to Noah?

Kevin: I think it is terrifying to Noah.

(we both look at Noah sleeping peacefully in the stroller)

Me: Terrifying?

Kevin: Cicadas are disgusting. I hate them. I know Noah hates them too, he is smart.

Me: He is 3 months old…I am pretty sure he is neutral on the cicada subject. Could you imagine if spiders made the same noise cicadas do, that would be terrifying. Right now my brain is ok because to me there are no spiders outside because I don’t see them. If they all made noise I think I would have to commit myself.

Kevin: Why would you think of that?

(Pause to think about how terrifying noisy spiders would be)

Kevin: Are cicadas locust?

Me: I think a cicada is a locust…

Kevin: I think locusts are like crazy roided out grasshoppers that eat crops and you know… signal the end of times.

Me: Why are we having a conversation about cicada?

Note: According to Wikipedia, cicadas are often colloquially called locusts,although they are unrelated to true locusts, which are a kind of grasshopper. So I was kinda right, in a misinformed general consensus kind of way and Kevin was right.


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