back is best/impossible.

At Noah’s first check up I didn’t have a laundry list of questions, just one that made me feel like an epic failure.

I asked/blurted out, “back is best, but I birthed a side sleeper! What am I doing wrong?!”

His pediatrician laughed and explained why they suggest putting babies to sleep on their backs (because they are afraid a baby may roll on their belly and not be able to lift their head and potentially suffocate) but said if Noah is a side sleeper let him be a side sleeper.

my little side sleeper

My little side sleeper, was a great sleeper, a sleeper many parents would be jealous of. Only problem Kevin and I were a little freaked out by the whole suffocation-SIDS-side sleeping thing. So we took to watching him peacefully sleep, on his side, waiting to jump to action at any second to his rescue. Needless to say we weren’t as well rested as he was.

Luckily Noah took to lifting his head and rolling over like Jillian Michales had taken over his tummy time and turned those weak neck muscles into steel and morphed Noah in to a head controlling, rolling over champion at 2 months old.

This helped us curb our baby-somnia and get some rest ourselves.

We so naively thought our sleep watching days were over. Smh (my acronymical attempt to remain cool and trendy, yes I admit I had to look up smh on urban dictionary) Then Noah started to be able to squirm around on his own.

Now our side sleeper has added being squished to his parent worrying sleeping conditions.

In his sleep he squirms all the way over to the side of the bassinet, couch, crib, etc. until he is sufficiently squished.


He pushes his little face against whatever item he has squirmed up to and tucks his hands and feet up against it and wedges himself in for the long haul. (insert mommy panic attack)

looking at this makes my heart race. this lasted .5 seconds before i picked him up. kevin's hand is actually under the pillow making sure he has enough space between the pillow and his still freaks me out.

Isn’t this what we were trying to prevent in the first place? Suffocation?!

When he gets himself all comfortable and wedged I stare at him and try to guess what concentration of oxygen vs carbon dioxide he is taking in in the millimeter of space he has given himself to breath and suck on his binky. If we try to move him he usually burst into what we call a “baby grenade”. If you activate a baby grenade you are responsible for the aftermath. Noah goes from being a peaceful little tucked up ball warm ball of sleep to a limbs flailing, lips quivering screaming emotional wreck. Who could blame him? There are days when the alarm clock goes off and I want to channel my inner baby grenade tantrum.

I know I am to blame for this. I am a sleep squisher. In the dog days of summer I still have to have my heavy comforter tucked all around me pulled up to my eyeballs snuggled next to the hubs – he likens me to a furnace and when I wake up complaining it is hot he quickly reminds me that I have caused my self-imposed heat stroke while trying to take him down in the process.

Thankfully Noah’s bassinet came equipped with the option to turn the sides into two mesh panels so he can squish himself all the way against the sides and breathe right through them. When he tuckers out on the couch we carefully remove the gigantic back cushion he had indented himself in and replace it with a stuffed toy.

squished in the bassinet, with the binky and his thumb squished in his mouth

So sleep hurdle number two overcome…I am scared to even think what the next hurdle will be! Dare I say teething…


2 thoughts on “back is best/impossible.

  1. LOL that’s so funny. For us, not you. He’s so cute, curling up to the side! I’m trying to think of a way to remedy all that but I can’t… May be he’s cold? idk. lol good luck

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