A conversation had with a random woman in the waiting room at the doctor’s office while I filled out our papers.

Woman: How old is your baby?

Kevin: Just over three months, how old is your son?

Woman: Four, it is a great age, he is really very smart. Your son likes when you rock him while standing huh?

Kevin: Yep he sure does.

Woman: You know that is your fault that he needs to be soothed that way. You trained him to do that. You need to be careful on what you train him to know is considered acceptable. You just need to be aware of the mistakes you are making. But he is your first I am guessing..

(Insert really awkward pause and a few gasps from other people in the waiting room…we are talking about a baby…a three month old baby..not a dog here.)

Kevin: Did you train your child to lick germ infested waiting room furniture? Because I would be more concerned with that – but thanks for that insightful advice.

Horrified, she rushed over and picked up her 4 year old son out from under the chair he was licking the foot of and began scolding training him.

Me: (silently thanking God our name was just called to go back)

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5 thoughts on “Kevin-isims

    • I know! I am never good like that in those situations! I always think of the perfect thing to say later and it eats me up! I wish he was around everytime someone said it looked like I was having twins when I was still pregnant!! 🙂

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