the great sock debate.

Oh, who doesn’t love a good jab in the parenting ribs?  This mom.

Every day Kevin and I are inundated with parenting advice. It isn’t all unwelcome, we aren’t Mr. & Mrs. Know It All High and Mighty.

The problem I have is most of the advice we get isn’t advice at all, it is more like parental chastising.

The biggest lecture we fall victim to: the great sock debate.

As soon as woman see Noah’s little naked feet (in 90 something degree weather I mind you) they rush over practically ready to phone CPS.

I love when the “all knowing” women run up and grab his feet and ask him where his socks are and tell him he shouldn’t leave the house without them on. He is three and a half months old, he isn’t even aware of what a sock is until I put it on him and then it is just a matter of figuring out how he can get them off.

Then there are the more brazen women who come up and reprimand Kevin and I. “A baby needs to be covered at all times, he needs a blanket or at least some socks.”

Really? Reeeallly? Have you been outside in the past three months? Were you outside today, or did you just teleport from your glass house to the store I am in to tell me what’s up?

Last time I checked we were in the middle of the hottest summer in the Midwest. In fact we have been under some sort of heat advisory or heat warning for almost the entire summer, I can’t believe I forgot to swaddle my child in a blanket and put socks on him! I must be suffering from memory loss due to heat stroke.

Last week I was so irritated that said something to one of these mommy know it all’s. It was 85 degrees outside and Noah and I were out for a walk. He had a cap on, sunscreen and a fan to keep him cool. I walked to the local market to pick up a few last minute items for dinner. A woman stopped me and made the remark that Noah should have socks on.

So I simply asked the woman, “why?”

She replied snidely, “babies cannot control their body temperature.”

“I know that is why he doesn’t have socks on, it goes both ways. Babies lose most of their heat through their feet and their heads, so when it is cool out he might need a little extra help with a pair of socks. But when they get too hot and you cover up their feet and heads they can’t properly cool and can over heat, I think he is ok today!”

“I guess it is pretty hot today,” she sheepishly said and walked away.

I get that these people don’t know me. But seriously. I am careful not to get tear free shampoo in Noah’s eyes. I wash my hands religiously if I touch anything with peanuts in case a peanut particle might get on Noah’s binky and potentially cause an allergic reaction. We sleep with a HUGE fan in our bedroom because it is said that having a fan blowing in the room can reduce the risk of SIDS. Do you REALLY think I would knowingly cause Noah harm by leaving his feet sockless?

I know all this “advice” comes with the territory but sometimes I just want to take a fist full of baby socks and shove them in these women’s mouths.


2 thoughts on “the great sock debate.

  1. You are soooo my daughter!!! Wonder what they would do
    if the knew that he likes to lay naked on a blanket…with a fan
    blowing on him … lol <3<3<3

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