the breast milk baby doll.

I am sure many people have heard about the new breast milk baby doll one way or another. They have either heard the uproar of those against it or the dolls praises from the breast is best crusaders.

Myself, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt when I first heard about this doll.

Honestly at first I was sort of appalled. A breast feeding baby doll? The thought of a little girl “playing” with this doll by “breastfeeding” it made me feel uncomfortable.

But then I remembered seeing my own mother feeding my younger brother when I was little and mimicking the same thing with my cabbage patch doll.

So why did I feel so uncomfortable?

Probably the same reason I feel so nervous when I breastfeed Noah in the car when we have to go out for a long trip.

Our society has given a stigma to a woman’s breast. Breast are sexualized in our society to a point that it seems like we have forgotten what they are meant and designed for. It is almost like we are more ok with them being view sexually rather than for feeding.

Last year at my local mall a woman was kicked out for breastfeeding on a bench while her husband shielded her with a blanket. To boot in Ohio woman are supposedly protected from incidents like this by a law allowed woman to breastfeeding anywhere they themselves are allowed to be. That as long as the breast is being used to feed a child the woman can feed their child at will. Yet this woman was still kicked out of the mall because FEEDING her child made other shoppers uncomfortable. (I am pretty sure that baby would be more uncomfortable being HUNGRY than the on lookers who couldn’t just look away)

The woman was told she had to leave or feed her baby in the restroom. I wonder if the mall security guard or uncomfortable onlooker would feel comfortable eating their lunch in a restroom.

It all baffles me. Why don’t the shoppers so offended by seeing the back of a baby’s head covering the breast that is feeding the baby who depends on their mother’s milk for life complain about the boobs pushed up to the Victoria Secret models chin while she rolls around on a bed of feathers sucking on her finger?

I wouldn’t want my child to feel ashamed of her body or feel like breast feeding is something to be ashamed of. I really don’t think that allowing a child to make believe breastfeed means that she will grow up to be on Girls Gone Wild.

Then there is the argument that this doll could somehow glorify pregnancy to young impressionable girls and make them more likely to become a teen mother. So if that is the case why is it ok that little girls bottle feed their baby dolls and change their pretend dirty diapers? If we are afraid the breastfeeding doll is glorifying being a mother then we need to take away all dolls that don’t wake you every two hours, bite your breast, throw up in your hair and pee on you.

I don’t think I would rush out to the store to buy this doll for my daughter, I don’t think my child would need a breastfeeding doll. I mean do they need a poopy doll, a crying doll, a sleeping doll, an awake doll, etc? A doll is a doll. Plus I don’t think any child needs a $100 doll no matter what it does. But when and if my daughter “breastfeeds” her baby doll I won’t react in horror I will react like my mom did, smile and let her do her thing.

Maybe the world needs a breast feeding doll to remind us what the boob is for.


*UPDATE:  On my blog refferal tracker it shows that someone found lovelifeandpugs by googling Girls Gone Wild. Gross. I hope they enjoyed reading about breastfeeding!

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One thought on “the breast milk baby doll.

  1. Great post! I agree wholeheartedly. People in this country have gotten the idea that breastfeeding is dirty and sexual, which is not true at all. I’m always glad to hear someone truly supporting breastfeeding.

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