back to the DIY grind.

Things have been a little crazy here at casa de Teall.

Now that we have gotten into the swing of being parents we somewhat (very) reluctantly have gotten back in the swing of being DIYers again.

It was nice to have a break on the DIY front. As nice as it was to have days where we weren’t spackling, sanding, painting, sawing, hammering, etc. On the other hand it was not nice to see all of our little project loose ends all over our home.

We really have no idea what we are doing and each project we start usually involves 10 trips to Home Depot, an injury and quadruple the time
we thought it would take…and that was before the baby (and finding pinterest….I waste half my life on there)!

So forgive the lack of posting, I’ll make up for it with pictures soon!


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